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Spree X.Y.Z Release Notes

This document summarises the main changes in release X.Y.Z

Also check Spree’s CHANGELOG file and the ticket system for detailed information of changes.


Upgrade procedure


I18n Changes

Spree now stores all of the translation information in a separate Github project known as spree_i18n. This is a stand alone project with a large number of volunteer committers who maintain the locale files. This is basically the same approach
followed by the Rails project which keeps their localizations in rails-i18n.

The project is actually a Spree extension. This extension contains translations only. The rest of code needed to support the i18n features is part of the Spree core.

WARNING: You will need to install the spree_i18n extension if you want to use any of the community supplied translations of Spree.

See the i18n guide for further details.

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