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The following is a list of all hooks included in Spree’s default templates. These allow your own content to be inserted into the templates without having to override them. For instructions on using hooks, refer to the customization guide


Public views

Layout (layouts/spree_application.html.erb)

  • inside_head (allows you to modify content of head tag)
  • sidebar (for any pages that have a sidebar)

Homepage (products/index.html.erb)

  • homepage_sidebar_navigation
  • homepage_products

Taxon (taxons/show.html.erb)

  • taxon_sidebar_navigation
  • taxon_products
  • taxon_children

View Product (products/show.html.erb products/taxons.html.erb products/_cartform.html.erb)

  • product_description
  • product_properties
  • product_taxons (‘Look for similar items’)
  • product_price
  • inside_product_cart_form

Cart (orders/edit.html.erb)

  • inside_cart_form
  • cart_items

Login (user_sessions/new.html.erb)

  • login

Signup (users/new.html.erb, users/_form.html.erb)

  • signup
  • signup_inside_form
  • signup_below_password_fields (within form, below password confirmation field)

Admin Views

Layout (layouts/admin.html.erb)

  • admin_inside_head


The following hooks allow list items to be added to various admin menus

  • admin_tabs
  • admin_product_sub_tabs
  • admin_order_tabs (sidebar menu for individual order)
  • admin_product_tabs (sidebar menu for individual product)
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