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Spree Analytics

Spree Analytics provides deep insight into your store’s ecommerce performance and sales conversion funnel. Visitor data is collected to report on visitor behavior, orders, abandoned carts, revenue and conversion rates. The data is analyized, rolled up and archived by the service saving valuable compute resources for your store.

You will have to register your store with Spree Commerce to obtain your token but the service is free to use.



You will have to register your store with Spree Commerce. This requires a user account.

On, configure the Analytics Add On for your store to generate your token. The service requires a strict url in the format “”. This does not have to be a live url and may be changed later.

Your will need the App Id, Site Id and Token to configure your Spree Store. The token should be entered on the Overview tab in the admin section. (/admin). See screenshots:

Admin Overview

Configuring Admin Token


You should only enter your token on the production store. If you enter the token on a development server, the analytics will be skewed. Data can not be reset on the service.

Older Versions of Spree

For older versions of Spree (0.70 and 0.60), you can install the Spree Analytics gem. You will obtain a token by registering with Spree Commerce but the Site Id, App Id and Token are entered into an initializer file. Please see the README for additional information.

Add the gem to your Gemfile

gem ‘spree_analytics’, :git => “”

then create an initializer file in config/initializers/spree_analytics.rb

SpreeAnalytics.app_id = SpreeAnalytics.site_id = SpreeAnalytics.token = “”

Legacy Dashboard

The original dashboard (previous to 1.0) has been extracted into the Spree Dash gem .

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