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title: Documentation
description: Spree Commerce Documentation
Core Team:
- name: Sean Schofield
nick: schof
image: credits/schof.jpg
description: Sean Schofield is the creator of Spree Commerce and member of the Spree core team.
- name: Brian Quinn
nick: BDQ
description: Brian Quinn is a long time contributor of Spree and member of the Spree core team.
Community Team:
- name: Steph Skardal
nick: skardal
description: Hello
- name: Neeraj Singh
description: Hello
- name: John Dilts
description: Hello
Additional Contributors:
- name: Brian Quinn
nick: BDQ
description: Brian Quinn is a long time contributor of Spree and member of the Spree core team.
Start Here:
- title: Getting Started with Spree
url: getting_started
text: Everything you need to know to install Spree and create your first application.
- title: Working with the Source Code
url: source_code
text: An Introduction to Working with the Source Code
Server Config & Deployment:
- title: Overview & Deployment Options
url: server_configuration
text: Overview of Spree's server requirements and deployment options.
- title: Spree Deployment Service
url: deployment_service
text: Detailed walkthrough of using the Deployment Service to build a production environment.
- title: Deploying your application
url: deploying_your_application
text: Explains how to deploy your application to servers that have been configured by the Deployment Service
- title: Server Config. & Customization
url: server_configuration_and_customization
text: Covers the basic configuration of servers built using the deployment service, and how to customize the configuration.
- title: Application Processes
url: deployment_application_processes
text: Details the use of the Foreman gem to define and manage applications processes.
- title: Requesting and configuring SSL
url: requesting_and_configuring_ssl
text: How to generate a certificate request and private key, and install an SSL certificate.
- title: Configuration Tips
url: deployment_tips
text: General troubleshooting and configuration tips
Basic Configuration:
- title: Products and Variants
url: products_and_variants
text: This guide covers the basic representation of products and their possible variants.
- title: Inventory
url: inventory
text: Information on the powerful inventory management system used by Spree
- title: Taxonomy/Categorization
url: taxonomy
text: This guide covers various methods for categorizing your products.
- title: Payments
url: payments
text: "This guides explains how Spree's payment system works and how to implement your own payment methods."
- title: Payment Gateways
url: payment_gateways
text: This guide covers how to setup a payment gateway using ActiveMerchant or another gateway solution of your choice
- title: Zones
url: zones
text: This guide covers how to configure a zone for shipping, taxation or other custom purpose.
- title: Adjustments
url: adjustments
text: This guide covers the role that adjustments in taxation, shipping and promotions.
- title: Taxation
url: taxation
text: Information on how to configure the tax calculations for your site (including Sales Tax and VAT.)
- title: Shipping
url: shipping
text: Information on how to configure shipping options as well as building your own shipping calculator.
- title: Promotions
url: promotions
text: Using and extending the promotion system to provide discount coupons and other offers to customers
- title: Customization Overview
url: customization
text: The guide introduces the various options available when customizing a Spree site.
- title: View Customization
url: view_customization
text: Covers how to change and extend the standard views the make up a Spree application.
- title: Asset Customization
url: asset_customization
text: Explains Spree's use of the Rails asset pipeline, and how to customized the javascripts, stylesheets and images provided by Spree.
- title: Logic Customization
url: logic_customization
text: Highlights the options available when replacing / extending the internal code of Spree.
- title: Extensions & Themes
url: extensions
text: This guide covers the technical details of the extension system.
- title: Creating Extensions
url: creating_extensions
text: This guide covers how to create an extension.
Digging Deeper:
- title: Spree Checkout Process
url: checkout
text: This guides covers the Spree checkout process and shows you how to customize the steps.
- title: Migrating Data to Spree
url: migration
text: Some tips on how to transfer large amounts of data into Spree.
- title: Internationalization/Localization
url: i18n
text: This guide covers issues related to using Spree in different countries and locales.
- title: Testing Spree Applications
url: testing
text: This guide covers how to test the Spree source code as well as how to write new tests.
- title: Securing Spree Applications
url: security
text: Information on how to secure your Spree application (including roles and permission settings.)
- title: Preferences
url: preferences
text: Information on how to administer the the various preferences in Spree
- title: REST API
url: rest
text: Details on interacting with Spree using the RESTful API.
- title: Product Groups and Scopes
url: scopes_and_groups
text: Information on how to define groups of products by various criteria.
- title: Searching and Faceting
url: searching
text: Information on how to support powerful search and filtering operations.
- title: Contributing to Spree
url: contributing_to_spree
text: Do you enjoy Spree and want to "give something back?" This guide contains information on how to contribute to the Spree project.
Best Practices:
- title: Developer Tips
url: developer_tips
text: This guides contains a miscellany of useful advice from Spree developers, including how to design your Spree project so as to minimize problems should you decide to upgrade to a newer version.
- title: SEO Considerations
url: seo_considerations
text: Information on how to leverage the existing SEO features of Spree as well as on general SEO best practices.
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