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Remove rerefences to defunct rake db:consistency

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@@ -46,8 +46,6 @@ moving between hosting platforms. Another is when cloning some project:
collaborators can just import a database dump prepared by someone else,
and save the time of the code import.
-NOTE: Spree has database consistency checker Rake tasks - try +rake db:consistency+ or +rake db:consistency:products+. These do basic checks on information structure. They aren't a full check, but do help to pick up serious problems.

joneslee85 Sep 21, 2012


@schof, @radar, @BDQ I find this rake task quite useful, should we consider reviving this zombie?


radar Sep 25, 2012


@joneslee85 I've never used it. What did it do? Perhaps open a new issue on spree/spree and ask?


joneslee85 Sep 26, 2012


@radar I could not recall exactly what it does anymore, but I remember it does some sanitisation check on the tables for orphanages


radar Sep 26, 2012


Well, if you can duplicate a problem with Spree that the rake task would fix, then I think we could get it back again.


JDutil Sep 26, 2012


If you really want to do checks for orphans you could use something like rather than reimplementing the task in Spree.

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