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h5. Return authorizations
-This is a new feature. Administrators can approve the return of some part (maybe all) of
-an order. When the returned stock is received, the system can credit the customer's
+This is a new feature. After an order is shipped, administrators can approve the
+return of some part (maybe all) of an order via the _Return Authorizations_ tab
+in the single order console. To create a new return authorization, you should
+indicate which part of the order is being returned, what the reason for return
+is, and what the resulting credit should be. The sale price of the products is
+shown for reference, but you can choose any value you like.
+After the authorization is created, you can return later to its edit page and
+click on the 'received' button to register the return of goods. This will
+create a credit adjustment on the order, which you can apply (i.e. refund)
+to the order's credit card via the payments screen. Spree will log the events
+in the order's history.
h3. Programming interface

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