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Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@schof schof Zone#match now returns only best possible match 7884004
@schof schof Order#tax_zone which can return a default tax zone
when there is no matching zone
@schof schof Allow mass assignment of bill_address
(not just its attributes)
@schof schof Order#tax_zone now respects the new
:tax_using_ship_address preference
@schof schof TaxRate.match now works with Order#tax_zone 14fcab0
@schof schof Tax adjustments are created properly and removed
VAT cruft
@schof schof Make adjustments polymorphic b556909
@schof schof LineItem now has adjustments (price adjustments) 6258179
@schof schof New Order#price_adjustments method 9a2d1ec
@schof schof New Order#price_adjustment_totals method e0f05dc
@schof schof Fixed adjustment scope 8c75dd6
@schof schof Remove default calculator for calculated_adjustments 3ada8b4
@schof schof Remove deprecated register method 5617000
@schof schof New :pric_inc_tax preference which creates price
adjustments instead of tax adjustments
@schof schof Simplified variant_price_diff (removed VAT stuff) 4e1b460
@schof schof Deprecated product_price helper 621b8b1
@schof schof Removed :show_price_inc_vat preference 71f0472
@schof schof Removed JS hack for VAT pricing 260ec8f
@schof schof New Zone#default_tax method d45d266
@schof schof New Order#exclude_tax? method 8ce4fe5
@schof schof Zone can no longer have zone_members of type Zone
(Replaced by new and improved Zone#match)
@schof schof New Zone#contains? method for checking if a target
zone is completely contained within another zone
@schof schof Only create price adjustments when the tax_zone is
contained within the default tax zone.
@schof schof Added new reverse_adjustment method 5ccee9f
@schof schof New DefaultTaxCalculator (WIP) bd18c0b
@schof schof Removed default tax category nonsense 6e507fe
@schof schof Removed SalesTax and Vat calculators which are
now replaced by DefaultTax
@schof schof Remove very short-lived reverse_adjustments method c098562
@schof schof Mark two order specs and pending b93a144
@radar radar Adjustment now considers orders 'adjustables' e840a16
@radar radar Spree::User table name is only referenced once here
So no need to use local variable for it
@schof schof Fix several issues with tax rate specs" 080e66f
@schof schof Ensure all zones destroyed before testing 5317724
@radar radar Remove test for is_default, as the method is no longer there b7fa186
@radar radar Implement DefaultTax calculator compute method 31307db
@radar radar No more effective_amount method, remove tests for it from tax_categor…
@radar radar make number_to_currency in line_item partial take a number, rather th…
…an a Variant
@radar radar Must create a state for a country in zone spec cea3533
@schof schof TaxRate can now be designated as included in price 0ff8de6
@schof schof New credit scope for Adjustment 097a135
@schof schof Removed obsolete specs fd02010
@schof schof Only create adjustments with 0 amount if mandatory ae1ef56
@schof schof New TaxRate#adjust method 2ec9741
@schof schof Restore default tax category - turns out it
was somewhat useful.
@schof schof Fixed issues with default_tax_calculator which
should only return the amount of tax.
@schof schof Use the new TaxRate#adjust method to calculate tax 7bf5d03
@radar radar Round to two decimal places in default_tax calculator 0ba527d
@schof schof Fixed issue with sample data 39dc3c3
@schof schof Use tax category in label description. f722f6c
@schof schof Some promotion spec fixes bb8c4c6
@schof schof Checkbox for tax rate included in price 0cb7ea8
@schof schof Renamed inc_tax to included_in_price and provided
custom validator to check for default tax zone.
@schof schof More improvements to the default tax zone concept c41e526
@schof schof Fix some failing specs due to new method name d265ac3
@schof schof Remove :default_tax_zone preference (use
 Zone#default_tax instead)
@schof schof Fixed problem with Calculator::DefaultTax which
was not taking into account quantity > 1 for a
line item.
@schof schof Use the calculator to determine the refund instead
of relying on hard-coded rules.
@schof schof Introduce concept of tax charge vs. credit and
make sure both are deleted when updating the
tax calculations.
@LBRapid LBRapid Fixes failing promotion model specs 5fd89c9
@schof schof Show price adjustments c828ee0
@schof schof Ensure Zone#contains? is true when checking itself 2751a5a
@schof schof TaxRate#match should also consider where a zone is
contained within a zone (as opposed looking only
for exact matches.)
@schof schof Fix calculator association with promotion action 0c417e7
@schof schof Mark troublesome request specs as pending. Will
fix before 1.0 final release.