Fix assert valid keys in nav helper link to delete #1170

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jsqu99 commented Feb 21, 2012

This same fix should be added to master as well. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to create a separate pull request for that.


schof commented Feb 21, 2012

Could you provide a little more context as to what this is fixing exactly? Its ok to skip the spec (we can write one) but steps to reproduce in the bug description are helpful.


jsqu99 commented Feb 22, 2012

Nothing in spree is breaking b/c of this, but I'm trying to reuse this method (link_to_delete) in an extension.

This method has a line (

    options.reverse_merge! :error => "some default javascript"

which implies it's willing to receive a key named :error, but will provide a default if you don't send one in.

Every other key addressed in that method (:url, :caption, :title, :dataType, :success, :name) is represented in the assert_valid_keys except for :error, which looks to me like it just got missed.


radar commented Feb 23, 2012

Added to master with @03a43720bdeb035102afc26b523cf2d89e1aad9f and 1-0-stable with @dfa169ff1729acf7a3878413d04468d26328fc7c. Thank you!

radar closed this Feb 23, 2012

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