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Adding classes to cart td and th for easier css styling #1281

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Styling using td[data-hook="..."] is going to break older browsers. Aside from polyfills, this is the best cross-browser solution that I'm aware of. Thoughts?


@BDQ and @devilcoders - any thoughts on these proposed changes?

@BDQ BDQ was assigned

I don't have any objections, which "older browsers" are we talking about?


The browser I was thinking of was IE6, but I'm not supporting IE6 anymore in my development. Without checking, I just assumed that IE7 wouldn't have attribute selector support – but I was wrong. Sorry about that.

I think the changes on _form.html.erb would still be useful to allow easy styling + deface selection. I feel as though class selectors are a bit cleaner and more self-documenting than attribute selectors, but having both would clutter things up. I'm guessing reverting changes on _line_item.html.erb and keeping changes on_form.html.erb might be the best solution. Thoughts?


@devilcoders what do you think?


I like classes on _form.erb.html but I don;t think that we need to do that on _line_item.erb.html. We can;t remove data-hooks from _line_item.erb.html, data-hooks are for overriding things and if we remove them so users will be very ungry after update. I don't see any problems with using attributes for styling, if css allow that. Also I don't think we should care about IE6. It's gone, and for those less than 1% percent of it's users - sorry guys, please update, it's just about time.

So, I would give green light to _form.erb.html but not for _line_item.erb.html.


I think we can merge this now.

@radar radar closed this in 586dd50


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10 core/app/views/spree/orders/_form.html.erb
@@ -2,11 +2,11 @@
<table id="cart-detail" data-hook>
<tr data-hook="cart_items_headers">
- <th colspan="2"><%= t(:item) %></th>
- <th><%= t(:price) %></th>
- <th><%= t(:qty) %></th>
- <th><%= t(:total) %></th>
- <th></th>
+ <th class="cart-item-description-header" colspan="2"><%= t(:item) %></th>
+ <th class="cart-item-price-header"><%= t(:price) %></th>
+ <th class="cart-item-quantity-header"><%= t(:qty) %></th>
+ <th class="cart-item-total-header"><%= t(:total) %></th>
+ <th class="cart-item-delete-header"></th>
<tbody id="line_items" data-hook>
12 core/app/views/spree/orders/_line_item.html.erb
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
<tr class="<%= cycle('', 'alt') %> line-item">
- <td data-hook="cart_item_image">
+ <td class="cart-item-image" data-hook="cart_item_image">
<% if variant.images.length == 0 %>
<%= link_to small_image(variant.product), variant.product %>
<% else %>
<%= link_to image_tag(variant.images.first.attachment.url(:small)), variant.product %>
<% end %>
- <td data-hook="cart_item_description">
+ <td class="cart-item-description" data-hook="cart_item_description">
<h4><%= link_to, product_path(variant.product) %></h4>
<%= variant.options_text %>
<% if @order.insufficient_stock_lines.include? line_item %>
@@ -16,16 +16,16 @@
<% end %>
<%= truncate(variant.product.description, :length => 100, :omission => "...") %>
- <td data-hook="cart_item_price">
+ <td class="cart-item-price" data-hook="cart_item_price">
<%= number_to_currency line_item.price %>
- <td data-hook="cart_item_quantity">
+ <td class="cart-item-quantity" data-hook="cart_item_quantity">
<%= item_form.number_field :quantity, :min => 0, :class => "line_item_quantity", :size => 5 %>
- <td data-hook="cart_item_total">
+ <td class="cart-item-total" data-hook="cart_item_total">
<%= number_to_currency(line_item.price * line_item.quantity) unless line_item.quantity.nil? %>
- <td data-hook="cart_item_delete">
+ <td class="cart-item-delete" data-hook="cart_item_delete">
<%= link_to image_tag('icons/delete.png'), '#', :class => 'delete', :id => "delete_#{dom_id(line_item)}" %>
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