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Fixes spree custom user generator #1618

wants to merge 225 commits into from

23 participants

Thomas von Deyen Ryan Bigg Ben Eggett Philip Arndt Jeff Dutil Denis Ivanov deJaVisions Chris Mar Evgeny Shadchnev Maxim Kulkin Andrew Hooker Alex Dowad M. Scott Ford Peter Berkenbosch Calvin Yu Spencer Steffen Greg Morrison Aleksey Demidov Tim Neems Trung Lê Alberto Vena Phil Pirozhkov laurens
Thomas von Deyen

Having a vanilla rails app with no spree initializer in it the spree::custom_user generator fails with file not found error.

This fixes this by creating a spree initializer if no one is present, otherwise appending to it.

radar added some commits
Ryan Bigg radar Rip out auth component, provide facilities for custom authentication af7803d
Ryan Bigg radar Add authorize_admin hook to Admin::BaseController
This is so the admin section is disabled *by default*
Ryan Bigg radar user_class method inside Spree module should be defined as a module m…
Ryan Bigg radar Add spree/shared/unauthorized view 4678bfc
Ryan Bigg radar Define a spree_login_path method in BaseController that is overridable a134193
Ryan Bigg radar Don't do permission checking in ability.rb if user obj does not respo…
…nd to has_spree_role? method
Ryan Bigg radar Default current_spree_user to nil when user_class or current_user_met…
…hod not provided
Ryan Bigg radar Replace references to current_user with current_spree_user f0d9874
Ryan Bigg radar Replace two more occurrences of current_user with current_spree_user
Ryan Bigg radar Make current_spree_user a helper_method f3584a0
Ryan Bigg radar Move current_ability, current_spree_user and unauthorized methods int…
…o ControllerHelpers.

This is so these methods are available for places, such as Spree::UserRegistrationsController inside spree_auth_devise that don't inherit from Spree::BaseController but do include Spree::Core::ControllerHelpers
Ryan Bigg radar Correct call to helper_method inside ControllerHelpers 8a01c41
Ryan Bigg radar Remove instantiate_controller_and_action_names from ControllerHelpers
What was this even doing? Just use params[:action] and params[:controller] instead.
Ryan Bigg radar Add store_location to controller_helpers, define spree_signup_path an…
…d spree_logout_path methods that can be overridden
Ryan Bigg radar spree_login_path, spree_signup_path and spree_logout_path methods nee…
…d to be inside of an auth extension, as they are particular to that
Ryan Bigg radar Rename current_spree_user to spree_current_user to keep it in line wi…
…th all other auth methods
Ryan Bigg radar Fix one more occurrences of current_spree_user in orders/show c45cf9f
Ryan Bigg radar Remove current_user_method
It is better to simply define a spree_current_user method by using a decorator inside the auth extension, than defining it arbitrarily inside an initializer. The login_path, logout_path and sign_in_path methods are already supposed to be in a decorator, so this can join it
Ryan Bigg radar Add auth-take-two to Travis 48b1d2e
Ryan Bigg radar Remove auth from install script and Rake tasks a5d61f9
Ryan Bigg radar Remove auth from travis 9fea502
Ryan Bigg radar Remove spree_auth as a dependency of api 25efc16
Ryan Bigg radar Call has_spree_role? method on current_api_user in api's base_controller b9b74b2
Ryan Bigg radar Define has_spree_role? dummy method on Spree::User be2ce64
Ryan Bigg radar Correct script/rails file in core
It was generating things inside of spec/dummy, which is wrong
Ryan Bigg radar Add Spree::Core::TokenResource
This was taken from the auth component of Spree, but really belongs in Core as it is an AUTHORIZATION thing, and not an AUTHENTICATION thing
Ryan Bigg radar Fix script/rails in API 41c51c9
Ryan Bigg radar Include Spree::TokenResource into ActiveRecord::Base at end of token_…
Ryan Bigg radar Use correct module in token_resource 7338de3
Ryan Bigg radar Add TokenResource spec e1db14d
Ryan Bigg radar Correct prefix tokenized_permissions table with spree_ c70da69
Ryan Bigg radar [api] use has_spree_role, not has_role? in orders_controller b51ed4b
Ryan Bigg radar [api] Add roles association and override for has_spree_role? method t…
…o User decorator
Ryan Bigg radar [api] Stub has_spree_role? not has_role? in sign_in_as_admin! helper 6ee8d0d
Ryan Bigg radar Add initializer to dummy app that sets Spree.user_class f9618f2
Ryan Bigg radar Use correct class in TokenResource spec 5fb3a5c
Ryan Bigg radar Remove useless db/sample directory
It contained the users.rb file which was commented out
Ryan Bigg radar Due to changes in #1504, permalinks that share similar names to other…
… permalinks may now have numbers suffixed or incremented higher than expected to avoid potential conflicts
Ryan Bigg radar There is no more spree_auth for dash to rely on bfaed51
Ryan Bigg radar Hack around not being able to sign in as a user in analytics_spec 84dac82
Ryan Bigg radar No more auth for promo to rely on either 754b6fd
Ryan Bigg radar Add roles association to User for dash 02a40bb
Ryan Bigg radar Add roles association to User for promo 8a3dc04
Ryan Bigg radar Remove mention of spree_auth assets from spree_promo assets 633d86f
Ryan Bigg radar remove authentication helpers from dash 0dc586d
Ryan Bigg radar Remove authentication helpers form promo a927960
Ryan Bigg radar No longer link orders to anonymous users. Every order must have a val…
…id email address associated with it
Ryan Bigg radar Prompt for email address on checkout page if one is not already provided eb0e5a5
Ryan Bigg radar Use Spree.user_class in Spree::Promotion::Rules::User eb020f5
Ryan Bigg radar Remove sign up spec from promotion adjustments and switch over from u…
…sing sign_in_as! now that auth is gone
Ryan Bigg radar Add question asking if user wants default authentication (spree_auth_…
Ryan Bigg radar Remove Auth::Engine seed loading from install generator 2c74185
Ryan Bigg radar [petty] fix spacing for inside call in cmd/installer 36a6253
Ryan Bigg radar Default Spree.user_class in config/initializers/spree.rb 5d26f24
Ryan Bigg radar Remove Spree::Auth::Engine mounting in rails/routes template for sandbox 875fb9d
Ryan Bigg radar only mount core inside sandbox routes e02c276
Ryan Bigg radar Revert "Remove Auth::Engine seed loading from install generator"
This reverts commit 2c74185.

If the user says "yes please install the default auth", we still want
the default users created.
Ryan Bigg radar Use radar's copy of spree_auth_devise until it is made official 45b36e5
Ryan Bigg radar Remove initializer from custom_user generator
This is actually taken care of inside the spree.rb initializer now
Ryan Bigg radar Add checks for Spree.user_class to api, dash and promo user decorators e15009e
Ryan Bigg radar Remove initializer template call from custom user generator 5de8d73
Ryan Bigg radar Correct comment in Spree::User to point at correct spree_auth_devise …
Ryan Bigg radar Remove spree_auth mentions from assets 45171e3
Ryan Bigg radar Insert require for spree/core/controller_helpers_ext into config/init…
Ryan Bigg radar WIP: adding spree_auth_devise to sandbox Gemfile
This is currently NOT working. Will investigate lateR
Ryan Bigg radar Remove sandbox_generator, replace with Rails template
The rails template's code is much simpler and allows us to enforce specific gem requirements that the dummy application should never have.

This fixes the sandbox's requirement of spree_signup_path as pointed out by BDQ here: spree#1512 (comment)
Ryan Bigg radar Move sandbox.rb to lib/sandbox.rb 73ded00
Philip Arndt

What about invoking it?


What difference does it make?

radar and others added some commits
Ryan Bigg radar Move common Spree.user_class role decorations into core
As per BDQ's comment here: spree#1512 (comment)
Ryan Bigg radar Put user class extensions inside a to_prepare block fab8d3d
Ryan Bigg radar Use rm_rf to delete sandbox directory b64ac4c
Ryan Bigg radar Fixed typo in sandbox.rb 1cc3144
Ryan Bigg radar to_prepare method is on Spree::Core::Engine.config, not Spree::Core::…
Ryan Bigg radar Remove spree_auth_devise and devise_encryptable from sandbox 459a8d5
Ryan Bigg radar Redirect to either spree_login_path (if it exists) or root_path for s…
Ryan Bigg radar Stub authorization for admin controllers 3263215
Ryan Bigg radar Move associate_user out of ControllerHelpers, into CheckoutController
The only place this is necessary is in CheckoutController's actions. This now runs as a before_filter
Ryan Bigg radar Move clone_billing_address to be with other before_validation call in…
… Order model

This was previously ~250 lines down in the model
Ryan Bigg radar Move controller helpers into Spree::AuthenticationHelpers module 4812d22
Ryan Bigg radar Add debugger gem f9018e8
Ryan Bigg radar Remove debug from checkout_controller 632b5d2
Ryan Bigg radar Only use spree_account_path in orders/show if available ae99482
Ryan Bigg radar Stub authorization in correct OrdersController 2bae6e1
Ryan Bigg radar Re-add as_null_object to Order model stub in CheckoutController spec …
…to fix broken tests
Ryan Bigg radar Move regression test for #538 into its own controller spec
Read the comment in the spec
Ryan Bigg radar Added stub_authorization! for request specs
This is used to give the current request spec permission to perform any and all admin actions
Jeff Dutil JDutil Only use Spree::Responder if needed for the current controller.
Stops preventing when any spree_responders are
defined. [fixes #1301]

Merges #1515
Denis Ivanov jumph4x Changing Admin AJAX urls in the _head partial to use relative paths. #… 0e86ce5
deJaVisions deJaVisions Updated @user.authentication_token.present? check, and print out to u…
…se @user.api_key instead in the api_fields partial. Not sure why @user_authentication_token was being used instead.

[Fixes #1521]

Merges #1522
Chris Mar cmar unnest images api from variants and products, use viewable_id instead 6e3beec
Andrea Schiavini Per item calculator should only apply to matching products
Fixes #1524

Merges #1526
Chris Mar cmar fixed travis syntax error, unexpected tSYMBEG, expecting tAMPER 8e263b6
Jeff Dutil JDutil Edge version is 1.2.0.beta
[Fixes #1530]
Evgeny Shadchnev shadchnev passing the currency code from payment method preferences to the gateway
[fixes #1528]
Chris Mar cmar using lambda change count for image tests 1fbb331
Matthias Wagner Removed useless hidden submit button
[Fixes #1535] [Fixes #1538]
Jeff Dutil JDutil Allow pagination of product search results.
[Fixes #1539]
Maxim Kulkin maximkulkin Properly escape permalink when checking it for uniqueness.
[Fixes #1505]
Andrew Hooker GeekOnCoffee Adding Load Path to API to fix #1536 d115953
Ben Eggett beneggett Locked devise at version 2.0.x, as 2.1 just launched and breaks auth.…
… Devise just launched 2.1, running bundle update breaks Spree Auth; locking devise to 2.0.x.

Will update to Spree to use Devise 2.1 as 2.1 clears RC process and docs are released, etc.. See for details
Ryan Bigg radar Refactor variant_images to return a scope, not an Array

Alex Dowad alexdowad Fix for problem with Product#images for newly created Products 4831f0a
Andrew Hooker GeekOnCoffee removing redundant view_path include 558f8c9
Alex Dowad alexdowad Use new_record? rather than id.nil? cbf20f5
Jeff Dutil JDutil Use phone_field helper for semantic markup.
[Fixes #1556]
M. Scott Ford mscottford Removes the default rake task 51b2921
M. Scott Ford mscottford Updates README to reflect the removal of the default and all_tests ra…
…ke tasks.

[Fixes #1557]
Jeff Dutil JDutil [Merges 1559] Fix inconsistent required classes and style red.

Peter Berkenbosch peterberkenbosch require 'spree/core' is needed to isolate the Spree namespace. fixes #… 8e72d68
Philip Arndt parndt Stops spreecat joining and parting the channel by sending a notice to…
… the channel instead.

[Fixes #1560]
Calvin Yu cyu Account for purchased units in stock validation
Merges #1525
Spencer Steffen citrus add attr_accessible for `user_ids_string` in user promotion rule 8796502
Andrea Schiavini Per-item calculator now only applies to products matching the promotion
Fixes #1526
Ryan Bigg radar Ensure that order confirmation and cancel emails do not include ineli…
…gible adjustments

Fixes #1555
Spencer Steffen citrus default order adjustments to be ordered by created_at asc
Fixes #1549
Ryan Bigg radar Use has_role? not admin? to check for user admin ability in ProductsC…

Fixes #1562
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] Clean up code in order decorator from #1526 26c80e7
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] Check for calculator on adjustment.originator in update_adjus…
…tments_with_promotion_listing before checking its type

Related up to #1526
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] massive cleanup of order_spec.rb
set up order spec right so that adjustments have an originator

Fixes breakages brought in by #1526
Ryan Bigg radar Correct order amounts now that changes from #1526 are in place 1d106d0
Ryan Bigg radar Remove old install tasks edcadcf
Ryan Bigg radar Correct order calculation in promotion_adjustments_spec
40 + 20 - 10 + 10 = 60, not 55
Daniel verify Image Magick installed (only on Macs)
references #1511

Merges #1533
Greg Morrison jeebster [api] Add product properties as child of Products
Merges #1568
Andrew Hooker GeekOnCoffee Adjusting Product Count_On_Hand in seed data to sync with variant data
[Fixes #1569]
Andrew Hooker GeekOnCoffee Adding ProductOptionTypes to seed data
Merges #1577
Ryan Bigg and Philip Arndt Specify :group => :all so that spree.assets.precompile runs even when…
… initialize_on_precompile is false

Improved formatting: the line was way too long and now we don't need quotes or commas

Merges #1576

No need for add_assets_to_precompile_list method in Core::Engine now
Ryan Bigg radar Improve Imagemagick code from #1533 to check on all operating systems c25c5d0
Philip Arndt parndt Removed is_ from methods. Added windows? and linux?. Adjusted Imagema…
…gick check to verify Linux in the same way as Mac.

Closes #1578
Philip Arndt parndt Tidying up of spree_cmd/installer.rb code
Closes #1579
Aleksey Demidov ademidov .search methods changed to .ransack
Closes #1532
Tim Neems tneems Allow voiding of transactions on gateways supporting profiles
Closes #1546
Jeff Dutil JDutil Explicitly nest promotion classes.
Fixes #1548
Ryan Bigg radar Remove old site generator 705da27
Andrew Hooker GeekOnCoffee Switching from Order BETWEEN Sql fragment to AR Range 8a617b7
Ted Lilley Add SalesTax to DefaultTax migration for spree_calculators
Fixes #1581

Closes #1585
Ryan Bigg radar Convert all Order scopes to class methods 10666e4
Ryan Bigg radar Remove core/ext/string
This file:

1) Contained a method that wasn't in use anywhere.
2) Wasn't being required
Ryan Bigg radar Remove very old comments from core/config/initializers/spree.rb 32586ed
Ryan Bigg radar Increase price of T-Shirt in 'custom products' shared context
This is because it was causing randomly failing builds, like this:!/spree/spree/jobs/1406098.

What happens is that because the Tote, Stein and T-Shirt all fall within
the $15-18 price range, you would get three products returned. The per
page on this test is set to two, and so *sometimes* you'd get the two
you were expecting, other times you would get the Stein included and not
the T-Shirt or the Tote.

M. Scott Ford mscottford Fixes mass assignment exception when creating a promo code that creat…
…es a line item.

Closes #1587
M. Scott Ford mscottford Fixes issue with redeeming a promo code for a 'free' item.
Closes #1589
M. Scott Ford mscottford Adds a `serializable_hash` method to the result of `Product#variant_i…

Fixes #1570
Trung Lê joneslee85 No need self. for getter context 042b38e
Trung Lê joneslee85 It is good to use dot to denote class method convention in spec 5a7e12e
Alberto Vena kennyadsl resets cycle if taxon contians less then four products
Merges #1586
Phil Pirozhkov pirj fixing "1 234.00 " cost_price validation failure coming from admin pr…
…oduct controller

Closes #1592
Ryan Bigg radar [core] Correct test breakages in requests/products_spec.rb caused by @1… dbf4f63
Ryan Bigg radar Correct products spec to have three products so that pagination is en…
Ryan Bigg radar Remove effective_tax_rate method that was not being used
Closes #1419
M. Scott Ford mscottford Fixes issue that causes order totals to be stale after calling Order#…

Merges #1595
Andrew Hooker GeekOnCoffee Adjustment Scope Refactor
[Fixes #1597]
Trung Lê joneslee85 Updating master variant should also touch product
[Fixes #1583]
Ryan Bigg radar Revert "Fixes issue that causes order totals to be stale after callin…
…g Order#add_variant."

This reverts commit 7868902.

Re-opens #1595
Ryan Bigg radar Regression test for inadvertent ShippingMethod per-item calculator br…

Replicates #1596
Ryan Bigg radar Revert "Per item calculator should only apply to matching products"
This reverts commit 93be6fa.

Reverted due to #1596
Ryan Bigg radar Refactor out shipping_method checks so they can be performed individu…

This would help to determine why a particular shipping method may not apply to an order
M. Scott Ford mscottford Fixes issue that causes order totals to be stale after calling Order#…

Also, Changes order api test to use actual Spree::Variant objects instead of stubs, because of the interactions between Spree::LineItem and Spree::Order.

Merges #1595
laurens laurens Correct issue with per item calculator when used with shipping method
Relates to #1596

Merges #1601
Ryan Bigg radar Re-add matching products limiter to per_item calculator
As per #1526, related to #1524 and #1596.
Ryan Bigg radar Correct issue with per item calculator and no matching products
Relates to #1596
Ryan Bigg radar Make datepicker use correct month name
Fixes #1602

Clean up relateddayNames and dayNamesMin variables in admin.js.erb too
Ryan Bigg radar Fix brittle products spec test
Only check that there are two products on first page, one on second. It's not important what their names are, only the counts
Ryan Bigg radar Don't delete search and taxon information in shared products pagination.
It is necessary to retain these values so that when the next page button is pressed the search and taxon information is preserved for each subsequent page
Ryan Bigg radar Rip out auth component, provide facilities for custom authentication 3142e7d
Ryan Bigg radar Remove current_ability, current_spree_user and unauthorized dupe meth…
…ods in BaseController

They were placed there from the rebase
Ryan Bigg radar Remove duplicate test in products_controller_spec that is now in miss…
Ryan Bigg radar Add mistakenly removed helpers from promotion_adjustments_spec back b2cd26c
Ryan Bigg radar Add user decorator for roles, and authorization helpers for promotion…
… adjustments spec
Ryan Bigg radar Don't include debugger gem by default
As this causes the build to break on Travis because Travis can't compile
it. Travis doesn't need to debug things, so let's leave it out by
Ryan Bigg radar Correct permission scoping in load_product method in Spree::ProductsC…
Ryan Bigg radar Try has_spree_role? method on spree_current_user for products_controller
There is *definitely* situations where spree_current_user is going to be nil
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] Specify table name for roles association in user decorator 58f40cb
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] Use join_table, not join_table name in user decorator 1093674
Ryan Bigg radar Remove Admin::UsersController
Moved banner functionality to Admin::BannersController
Ryan Bigg radar Remove call to spree.admin_users_path in spree/admin/shared/_head 871d045
Ryan Bigg radar Remove users tab from spree/admin/shared/_tabs.html.erb 04b27dd
Ryan Bigg radar Remove Users tab testing in admin/homepage_spec 9c7f056
Ryan Bigg radar Remove users request spec 13c3d97
Ryan Bigg radar [api] Remove users_controller_decorator
Developers will now need to add this themselves, or use an authentication extension which already provides it
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] make actions/create_line_items specs not depend on database o…

See broken build #1419.6 for the problems this caused in the past
Ryan Bigg radar [promo] stop depending on DB order in promotion_adjustments's spec 39f19c8
Ryan Bigg radar Store location before redirecting in unauthorized no-user situation 2512bb9
Ryan Bigg radar Controllers always responds to spree_current_user
Due to method definition inside ControllerHelpers
Ryan Bigg radar Add authentication routes to disallowed_routes in store_location, only
if they exist
Ryan Bigg radar Check for spree_user_signup in CheckoutController
This is now the event that will trigger spree.user.signup notification for FirstOrder promotion

This leads to a shorter syntax in authentication extension gems, while still preserving all of the same functionality. i.e. User signs up, gets credited with the promotion.
Ryan Bigg radar Clear session[:spree_user_signup] after we're finished with it 4c5e1e7
Ryan Bigg radar variable name is authentication_routes, not authenticated_routes 911f410
Ryan Bigg radar Fixed issue where :user was not being passed correct value to spree.u…
…ser.signup event
Ryan Bigg radar Remove 'Done' from sandbox output, as it just gets swallowed up by
bundle install
Ryan Bigg radar [cmd] Remove automatic setup of admin user from installer 2d4a848
Ryan Bigg radar Remove incorrect helper_method calls from authentication_helpers temp…
Ryan Bigg radar Correct name of roles association in config/initializers/user_class_e…
Ryan Bigg radar No need for promo user decorator
This is because core/config/initializers/user_class_extensions now deals
with setting up the roles association
Ryan Bigg radar Rename api_key field to spree_api_key
This is to stop it conflicting with a potentially similarly named field on Spree.user_class models
Ryan Bigg radar Add orders association for Spree.user_class models f090c83
Ryan Bigg radar Rename api_key to spree_api_key in custom_user migration too 62f76a9
Ryan Bigg radar Correct roles association name in user factory 1512ccb
Ryan Bigg radar Remove devise and cancan dependencies from spree_sample
Devise is now provided by authentication extensions, and cancan is a dependency of core now
Ryan Bigg radar Use append_file rather than insert_into file for authentication_helpe…
…rs hook

It's not important that this is done before configuration, and therefore can go anywhere in the file

h/t beneggget
Ryan Bigg radar Fix issue where order was not being remembered
Fixes #1066
Ryan Bigg radar Remove debug page! in checkout_spec fd288d3
Ryan Bigg radar Add last_incomplete_spree_order to test doubles in checkout and produ…
…cts controller specs
Ryan Bigg radar Need to include Spree::AuthenticationHelpers into ApplicationControll…
…er automatically
Ryan Bigg radar Check for last_incomplete_order before setting session[:order_id] ins…
…ide set_current_order
Ryan Bigg radar Wrap product descriptions in paragraph tags only when there's a line
followed by two line breaks.

Fixes #1607
Ryan Bigg radar Move contents of Spree::Core::ControllerHelpers module into Spree::Ba…

This is so that the methods can be more easily overriden. Methods provided by a module cannot be overriden on what they are included into. For example, if Spree::BaseController kept including ControllerHelpers which was defining a spree_current_user method and an authentication extension attempted to override this method, it would not work. The method that would be called would be the dummy one included in ControllerHelpers.

It never made sense to me to have ControllerHelpers only being included in one place. Therefore, let's just throw everything in the BaseController so it's more obvious to people where things come from.

This will probably fix the issue where spree_current_user is nil on custom-auth apps
Ryan Bigg radar Add spree/analytics helper to Spree::BaseController in to_prepare blo…
…ck for Spree::Dash::Engine
Ryan Bigg radar Moved cancan require to spree/core, where all the other requires are cbdb3ad
Ryan Bigg radar Actually remove inclusion of Spree::Core::ControllerHelpers, rather t…
…han just talking about it
Ryan Bigg radar move default_notification_payload into config.to_prepare, call it on …
…Spree::BaseController instead
Ryan Bigg radar Add helper_method line for spree_current_user to authentication_helpers 8404a3a
Ryan Bigg radar Include Spree::AuthenticationHelpers into Spree::BaseController also a353262
Ryan Bigg radar Bump maximum Rails version to 3.2.4 dde7a0f
Ryan Bigg radar Revert back to Rails 3.2.3
This is due to a number of regressions reported in Rails:


As well as a failing test inside of api brought on by rails/rails@ac465d5.

There is also the issue of link_to_function's deprecation in this version of Rails, which is still used in a couple of places in Spree.
Ryan Bigg radar Namespace Taxonomy reference in Spree::BaseController
A user, beneggett, reported that sans-namespace reference was causing uninitialized constant Spree::BaseController::Taxonomy
Ryan Bigg radar Add spree_current_user back to Spree::BaseController to make tests happy 28e9ffe
Ryan Bigg radar Need to make spree_current_user a helper method also 0a7aaf9
Ben Eggett

Made tests happy, made access to /admin area break...resulting in redirect loop again.

It seems this is not being overridden as hoped by the spree/auth_helper.


Providing a proxy method called current_user which will now be used within spree to reference the current user. This will reference spree_current_user if it exists, or nil if it doesn't.

Thomas von Deyen

Sorry !

Thomas von Deyen tvdeyen closed this
Thomas von Deyen

I don't know what went wrong. I fetched your branch and made a feature branch, like usually, but sometimes git makes you say WAT?

The commit fixing this issue is 12a10ab

Thomas von Deyen

Ah, I see I messed up the branches. I should have sent to auth-take-two.

Sorry about that!

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