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JDutil commented Mar 8, 2013

The checkout confirm page cannot render without setting up the helper for frontend gem to use.

cmar and others added some commits Feb 12, 2013
@cmar cmar stock locations and items a6a3304
@cmar cmar syntax update for factory girl 4.2 3dbcc77
@cmar cmar create default stock location and migrate variant counts to stock 151735c
@cmar cmar use factory girl inheritance for order factory 604d262
@cmar cmar default packaging for stock_locations 73eec81
@cmar cmar add variants with status of backordered or on_hand to packages 0c8aa11
@cmar cmar properly calcualte on_hand and backordered stock 01a8d4a
@cmar cmar extract logic out of stock_location model into the PACKER 4d71ba0
@cmar cmar move stock packages and splitters into stock directory 51b13ae
@cmar cmar move splittrs in to module subdirectory 64b750f
@cmar cmar chain of responsibility for splitters 80530c4
@cmar cmar split packages by backordered status 0a519bd
@cmar cmar split packages by shipping categories 367431f
@cmar cmar specs for packages a644140
@cmar cmar stock coordinator to visit all stock locations and build packages de030ee
@cmar cmar tweaking constructors and dependencies 7dc509b
@cmar cmar one stock factory to rule them all 011f34d
@cmar cmar coordinator stops packing once order is fulfilled f9788b9
@cmar cmar the mighty Prioritizer with customizable adjuster e611ae5
@cmar cmar add prioritizer use case where 1st pkg has backorders, but 2nd pkg ca…
…n fulfill
@cmar cmar coordinator will prioritize packages fd0a56e
@cmar cmar estimator to calculate shipping_rates from shipping_methods for packages 914540d
@cmar cmar split packages by weight (working in progress) d63360e
@cmar cmar handle 1 item packages with the weight splitter 811bf3b
@cmar cmar add locked version to stock items c26f2c3
@radar radar Remove love_version test from variants 242b50b
@radar radar Remove methods manipulating count_on_hand from Product model ce38b7d
@radar radar Remove on_hand attribute from variants 747c9cf
@radar radar Remove recalculate_product_on_hand method from Variant
This will now be taken care of for a StockItem
@radar radar Rename Package::ContentItem#status to state to fit in with naming sch…
…ema used everywhere else
@radar radar Add Spree::Stock::Package#to_shipment e4970e4
@LBRapid LBRapid Handle shipping method filtering in Spree::Stock::Estimator 77568c4
@radar radar Add stock location to shipments fbd68d6
@radar radar Remove deprecated Spree::InventoryUnit.backorder scope 021d89d
@radar radar Add method to retrieve a list of backordered inventory units for a pa…
…rticular stock item
@radar radar Move responsibility of processing backorders from Spree::Variant to S…

This will also only process backorders which are relevant for this stock item's stock location
@cmar cmar create shipping calculators to work with content_item arrays 470a67b
@radar radar Remove product on_hand methods 8203da5
@radar radar Remove references to count_on_hand and on_hand methods for Products a…
…nd Variants
@radar radar Remove count_on_hand tests from variant 2e180d3
@LBRapid LBRapid WIP Remove #rate_hash from order 8efbca7
@LBRapid LBRapid Remove #rate_hash from order a50d68c
@cmar cmar make inventory units pending while they are in the cart, set pending …
…to false on order checkout
@LBRapid LBRapid Remove show_zero_stock_products preferences 7fabac5
@LBRapid LBRapid Remove mentions of variant#in_stock? 8572563
@cmar cmar seed stock locations and create stock items for variants 78e7af0
@LBRapid LBRapid Remove on_demand from both variants and products 940e6ce
@LBRapid LBRapid Order#finalize! now deals with stock items count_on_hand 78f562c
@LBRapid LBRapid Migration to remove on_demand from products and variants 4c94d3f
@LBRapid LBRapid Added increase_stock_for_variant to StockLocation 84c03ec
@LBRapid LBRapid Get InventoryUnit to work with shipments and stock items 633e731
@LBRapid LBRapid Remove all references to on_hand bc16f86
@LBRapid LBRapid API is green! Still a few pending specs, waiting on further
implementation of new shipments
@LBRapid LBRapid Fix core spec failures related to taking out on_hand 148ca30
@LBRapid LBRapid Set up many-to-many association between shipping methods and shipping…
… categories
@cmar cmar default splitters in engine and some shipping category changes d6dea05
@LBRapid LBRapid [sample] Assign shipping methods to default shipping category. Assign
all products to default shipping category.
@LBRapid LBRapid Migration to remove category match attributes from shipping methods ac613c5
@cmar cmar shipment has many shipping methods, with one as selected f662302
@LBRapid LBRapid Migration to create spree_stock_movements d0b9185
@LBRapid LBRapid Stock items have many stock movements 3b12d65
@LBRapid LBRapid Added stock movement factory and created a basic stock movement spec …
…to ensure it works
@LBRapid LBRapid Basic StockMovement functionality 17148f9
@cmar cmar make shipping_rate a model and use it as a join for shipment to shipp…
…ing method
@cmar cmar shipping rates only need a method and cost from estimator 71dc51a
@cmar cmar pass package shipping rates to shipment 6e69804
@cmar cmar rough delivery checkout step to show possible shipments and with ship…
@LBRapid LBRapid Clean up StockMovement model 7b8d96c
@LBRapid LBRapid StockMovement now handles stock item count on hand, removing unneeded…
… methods from StockLocation
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee ShippingMethod <-> Zone Relationship change, deprecated convenience m…
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Estimator needs to look at all zones 54189e3
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee More Spec Fixes b3b9b3b
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Admin UI WIP 97cee26
@LBRapid LBRapid InventoryUnit now uses StockMovement to adjust stock item count on hand 7fdae17
@cmar cmar checkout delivery now shows all packages and lets you chooose shippin…
…g rates for each of them
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Admin Working a20d317
@LBRapid LBRapid Basic routes for admin stock locations and movements cc8c08d
@cmar cmar stock location admin page 7bcb07f
@LBRapid LBRapid Stock movements Admin UI b7f3053
@LBRapid LBRapid Use select2 for stock movement stock item selection 336473d
@LBRapid LBRapid Use dropdown to select stock movement action 90341c6
@LBRapid LBRapid Use select2 for all stock movement dropdowns 9e55c47
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Spec Fix 96b9562
@cmar cmar add address fields to stock_location 78afa0d
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Fixing Seeds for multizone 93c0f20
@BDQ BDQ Drop unneed order_fulfilled? check, add stock_item and stock_location…
… associations to variant
@cmar cmar allow stock_locations to be inactive 74a0f20
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee StockItem Backorderable e5cadaa
@cmar cmar cleaned up stock_location sample to include a country ee053f0
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Adding specs for non-backorderable products 10b30bc
@cmar cmar return 0 for backordered when item is not backorderable a107328
@BDQ BDQ Tweak stock location sample 98cfb3d
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Adding StockMovements for StockItems in Sample data 8e7b751
@devilcoders @GeekOnCoffee devilcoders Fix stock locations ui on both frontend and backend e0f315e
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Handle count_on_hand update properly based on changes 151b429
@LBRapid LBRapid Basic stock management table for products (just a basic listing for now) b73142c
@LBRapid LBRapid After creating a variant, create a stock item for each stock location f0272f7
@LBRapid LBRapid Allow stock items backorderable to be toggled 282f5b5
@GeekOnCoffee GeekOnCoffee Stock Movement based on InventoryUnit finalization a95611d
@JDutil @GeekOnCoffee JDutil Fix spree_sample:load for stock. 7000b32
radar commented Mar 8, 2013

Wouldn't this only be necessary within either the CheckoutController or OrdersController?

JDutil commented Mar 8, 2013

Hmm well yes for the specific instance that I ran into it would be checkout, but I believe orders would need it also for viewing your completed order. People may end up wanting to use it elsewhere as well like a mini cart or something like that too.

radar commented Mar 8, 2013

If people do want to use it elsewhere then it is their perogative to add it
to where they need it. If core spree only needs it in orders and checkout
controllers then those are the only places it should be.

On Friday, March 8, 2013, Jeff Dutil wrote:

Hmm well yes for the specific instance that I ran into it would be
checkout, but I believe orders would need it also for viewing your
completed order. People may end up wanting to use it elsewhere as well like
a mini cart or something like that too.

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JDutil commented Mar 8, 2013

It was already in orders controller actually so I've just moved it to checkout controller.

radar commented Mar 19, 2013

This PR has way too many commits in it. Please simplify.

@radar radar closed this Mar 19, 2013
JDutil commented Mar 19, 2013

Looks like someone else implemented the fix now so nothing else is needed here.

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