Admin : can now filter products by taxons #2771

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Commits on Mar 28, 2013
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Commits on Apr 1, 2013
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Commits on Apr 13, 2013
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    Merge branch '1-3-stable' of git:// into add_fi…

    sbounmy committed Apr 14, 2013
    * '1-3-stable' of git:// (142 commits)
      Revert use of display_price in data-price attribute for _cart_form
      set position for a Variant object on creation
      Fix page action button style when method is put.
      Don't show coupon code field if there are no promos with coupon codes
      [sample] Remove duplicate master variants for ror_baseball_jersey and spree_baseball_jersey products
      Make OrderPopulator error messages translatable
      Allow the description to go straight to the page raw.
      [cmd] Ensure there is a linebreak before gem lines inserted before installer
      Rescue from DestroyWithOrdersError only if it's defined
      Backend shouldn't exist in 1-3-stable
      Remove backend+frontend from .travis.yml, add promo
      When using Russian Rubles, display the full currency symbol rather than just '.'
      add failling test for spree#2823
      Explicitly setting taxon edit path in the form
      Return html_safe strings from variant_price_diff
      Recalculate product count_on_hand when ANY of its variants are saved
      [api] Don't set taxon.parent_id in Api::TaxonsController if parameters contain parent_id
      Bump to selenium-webdriver 2.32.0
      Pass args to provider method with send in Spree::Gateway#method_missing
      Fix tax calculator with non-VAT taxes.
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    using ul.select2-choices to trigger select2 dropdown display is bette…

    sbounmy committed Apr 14, 2013
    …r and work for remote and non-remote multi select
Commits on Aug 17, 2013
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    Merge branch '1-3-stable' of git:// into add_fi…

    sbounmy committed Aug 17, 2013
    * '1-3-stable' of git:// (106 commits)
      expand order number field size to 32
      allow importing of order number through api
      refactor complete_from_api for order
      [promo] Remove a whole bunch o' stuff from 'should allow an admin to create an automatic promotion with free shipping (no code)' that simply didn't need to be there
      Evaluate coupon codes ignoring case
      allow completed_at to be passed in new orders api
      use .present? for imported order fields, to avoid empty strings
      improved exception reporting while importing orders through api
      Add option_values to variant template [api]
      enhanced order import though api. support for shipping address, shipments, adjustments and payments
      Update rails version in README [ci skip]
      Bump to Rails 3.2.14
      Fix sample order generator to make the new orders show up as complete
      Fix issue where adjustments page would not have 'continue' link in certain circumstances
      Use Ruby 1.8 hash in core/spec/requests/products_spec.rb
      Dsplay right price when product has variants
      Add ability to convert Spree::CreditCard objects into ActiveMerchant::Billing::CreditCard objects
      Generate sensibly lengthed SKUs
      Show useful error messages for promotion rules and actions
      Fix coupon code activation
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    comment ouf debugger

    sbounmy committed Aug 17, 2013