Core Team

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Core Team

Spree has a core team of contributors whose members work together to maintain the source code and provide support to the Spree community. Individuals are invited to join the core team based on the volume and quality of the code contributed to the project as well as their sustained efforts in improving the overall quality of the Spree community. There are over hundred different contributors to the Spree project. The core team is essential in maintaining order as well as helping to run the growing infrastructure required for the project.

Damian Legawiec (aka damianlegawiec)

Damian Legawiec is a Ruby on Rails, Spree, React architect and developer of scalable e-commerce apps. Previously founder of a Spree-based P2P consumer electronics marketplace startup with over 300k registered users. Raised funding from various Seed/VC funds. Exited early 2014. Co-founded Spark Solutions crafting fully customized mobile-ready front-ends for great, industry-relevant user experience, highly scalable back-ends for high-traffic, high-volume stores or marketplaces.

Bartosz Bonisławski (aka bbonislawski)

Bartosz Bonisławski is a passionate senior Ruby developer. Curious about programming since early childhood, he had some experience with Lua, PHP and .NET before switching to the Ruby world. He's currently involved in development of Spree open source and you can find him on Spree Commerce Slack answering all kinds of questions. He loves meeting his fellow developers, so don't be surprised to find him at your local meetup or a conference. Working for Spark Solutions on open source projects.

Maria Syczewska (aka symarys)

Maria Syczewska is a senior Ruby on Rails & Spree developer working for Spark Solutions. She successfully developed and launched several large Spree stores at Spark before joining Spree Core Team where she manages the development of Spree extensions located in spree-contrib directory.

Core Alumni

The following are people who have been core members of Spree, but have now moved on to other things. We thank them for their contributions.

Sean Schofield (aka schof)

Sean Schofield

Sean Schofield is the creator of the Spree project. Prior to discovering Ruby, he worked almost exclusively with Java building large scale web applications. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and has long history of involvement with open source, including the Struts and MyFaces projects. He is no longer using Java and works almost exclusively on projecta requiring Ruby. Sean is also the CEO and founder of Rails Dog. He is located in Washington, D.C.

Brian Quinn (aka BDQ)

Briann Quinn

Brian Quinn has been using Ruby for fun and profit since before Rails 1.0 and has been working in varying aspects of the IT industry for over 10 years. He found Spree while developing an e-commerce project for a client and has been active in the community ever since, eventually becoming Spree Commerce's CTO.

Ryan Bigg (aka radar)

Ryan Bigg

Ryan Bigg is the Community Manager of the Spree project. He is well known in Rails community for his great contribution on the documentation for which he was awarded the Ruby Hero award in 2011. Before joining Spree, he worked at several Rails consultancies and co-authored Rails 3 in Action with Yehuda Katz. These days, you find him replying emails and helping out the Spree community in the IRC channel. Ryan is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Trung Lê (aka joneslee85)

Trung Lê

Trung Lê has been working with web development since 2004 as Perl and PHP developer. In 2008, he discovered Ruby and wrote few eCommerce stores based on early version of Spree. Since then he's been actively contributing in Spree development as well as helping out users in IRC and mailing list. As an advocate in new technology adoption, he's behind many discussion that help shape Spree. Trung is located in Sydney, Australia.

Chris Mar (aka cmar)

Chris Mar


John Dyer (aka LBrapid)

John Dyer


Paul Callaghan (aka paulcc)

Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan is an expert Haskell programmer, and has worked on natural language processing systems, and advanced programming language theory and implementation. Paul spent most of the last decade as a university lecturer. Then he taught a course on Rails to MSc students and enjoyed it way too much. Paul started using Spree in late 2008 and is currently working on a range of Spree-related projects.

Jorge Calás (aka calas)

Jorge Calás

Jorge Calás has been working as network administrator and software developer in the public and private sectors since 1999. After working mainly with Perl and PHP for web development he discovered Ruby three years ago and it immediately became his preferred language. Jorge found Spree in May 2008 and helped in it's first I18n backend and the preferences system. His passions are open source and paragliding. He is currently located in Madrid, Spain.

David North (aka davidnorth)

David North

David North has working in web development professionally since 1999, originally specializing in PHP. After a while spent experimenting with Java and Python he eventually switched to Rails in 2004 after the framework was featured on Slashdot. He became self-empoyed in 2005 and has been specialising in Ruby on Rails since then, working on a range of bespoke web applications as well as content management systems and e-commerce sites. David is based on Dorset, England.

Roman Smirnov (aka romul)

Roman Smirnov

Roman Smirnov graduated from Tver State University with a major in condensed matter physics. In addition to studying physics he also began programming in Delphi. A few years later Roman switched to C# (for desktop apps) and PHP (for web apps.) In late 2007, Roman became interested in Ruby and started studying Rails in Early 2008. Roman now works part time for Rails Dog and has transitioned his Russian-based web studio from PHP to Ruby. Roman is located in Tver, Russia.

Priyank Gupta (aka priyank-gupta)

Priyank Gupta has been playing with Ruby for fun and Rails for profit since 2011 when he started web development professionally with VinSol. He has been working with Spree since version 0.70.x and built a number of Spree based eCommerce applications since then. He has also built, contributed and assisted many Spree extensions. Priyank is from New Delhi, India.

Michal Markiewicz (aka mafi88)

Michal is a back-end Ruby and Rails developer who enjoys solving complex algorithmic and data processing challenges not only in e-commerce applications. He is the lead developer of the official PayPal Express and Braintree extension for Spree to be opensourced soon for both Spree 3.x and 2.x.

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