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Clarify Readme #12

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There was a bunch of information missing in the readme and the install instructions were unclear and incomplete. This commit modifies the readme to make it much more clear and highlights issues with Spree 1.0.x and how to fix them.

-- Fixes #10


Checked it out, and I think this Pull request will make the experience way more pleasant for a newcomer to this gem.


Whitespace is a bit off right here.

do you want me to change this before you merge?

I don't have merging privileges, I was just making an observation :-)


I will pull this in with some changes. Going to create a 1-0-stable branch off the commit you point at.

@radar radar referenced this pull request from a commit
@jenius jenius clarify readme and add a bunch of missing information
(With some changes from Ryan Bigg also)

Merges #12

Merged with @08e148a.

@radar radar closed this
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@@ -3,19 +3,29 @@ SpreeGateway
Community supported Spree Payment Method Gateways.
-These can be used with Spree 1.0.x
+These can be used with Spree 1.0.x (but see note below for necessary changes)
-In your gemfile:
+In your Gemfile:
-gem 'spree'
-gem 'spree_gateway' # make sure to include after spree
+ gem 'spree'
+ gem 'spree_gateway', :git => "" # make sure to include after spree
-bundle install
+Then run from the command line:
+ bundle install
+ rails g spree_gateway:install
+Finally, make sure to **restart your app**. Navigate to *configuration > payment methods > new payment method* in the admin panel and you should see that a bunch of additional gateways have been added to the list.
+##### Note
+If you are using Spree 1.0.x, you will need to load `spree_gateway` in your Gemfile as below, or override the payment_method model and add `attr_accessible :name, :description, :environment, :display_on, :active, :type`. If you do not make one of these modifications, **it will not work** when adding new payment methods.
+ gem 'spree_gateway', :git => 'git://', :ref => 'e0aa8bfbb7c26786b276d1a3eaa9820c1aa08c79'
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