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An open-sourced post-commit hook for Riak that forwards Riak objects to an OTP application for handling. For more details on this, please see this blog post.

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Developer Installation

Install Riak's required version of Erlang

Riak requires included code to be compiled with Erlang version R16B02-basho8. The older versions of Erlang do not build on later versions of macOS, so it's likely easier to build in Linux -- for example, if you're at Spreedly, you can do this on the elixir-build-machine VM (otherwise you could use a stable version of Debian or Ubuntu Server in a VM or a container).

Follow the steps in to get the correct Erlang version installed.

First, install kerl on the Debian/Ubuntu-based VM:

$ vagrant ssh elixir-build-machine
$ curl -O
$ # Ensure it is executable
$ chmod a+x kerl

Next, build Riak's required version of Erlang:

$ ./kerl build git git:// OTP_R16B02_basho8 R16B02-basho8

Once Erlang is successfully built, install and activate the build:

$ ./kerl install R16B02-basho8 ~/erlang/R16B02-basho8
$ . ~/erlang/R16B02-basho8/activate

Verify the correct version is installed:

$ which erl

Compile a new version of the postcommit hook

Clone the RiakPostcommitHook repo onto the elixir-build-machine or your VM; if you're accessing the repository via public HTTPS update the git clone command accordingly (e.g. git clone

$ cd ~
$ git clone

This project has a make configuration for compiling. Ensure that you're running the R16B02 Erlang version and then run make.

Note: If you're attempting this on macOS, open Makefile and add a space between @sed -i and '.backup' in the compile function before running this step.

$ cd riak-postcommit-hook/
$ make

If you don't have the correct Erlang version active then make will throw an error instead of compiling with the incompatible version, e.g.

$ make
./rebar get-deps
==> riak-postcommit-hook (get-deps)
./rebar compile
==> riak-postcommit-hook (compile)
ERROR: OTP release 18 does not match required regex R16B02_basho8
ERROR: compile failed while processing /Users/sdball/github/spreedly/riak-postcommit-hook: rebar_abort
make: *** [compile] Error 1

If you get this, please activate the correct Erlang version using . ~/erlang/R16B02-basho8/activate then try again.

Open a shell

$ make shell

Optional: Connect VS Code to elixir-build-machine

This step is optional for Spreedly members, and can be applied to use VS Code with other VMs.

You can already use an editor like vim to edit code on elixir-build-machine.

You can also use VS Code to edit RiakPostcommitHook on elixir-build-machine if you'd like.

Assuming you've already set up elixir-build-machine, and can SSH into it:

  1. In VS Code, install the Remote-SSH extension.
  2. In the bottom left corner of VS Code, click the two small arrows on a green background, and then select Remote-ssh: Connect to host.
  3. Select elixir-build-machine.
  4. Hit Cmd+Option+E; this should bring up an "Open Folder" button.
  5. Click "Open Folder" and choose the folder you want to edit in VS Code.

Run the postcommit hook in Riak

You'll need a running Riak instance configured with an added path for custom BEAM files (such as Spreedly's dev-services Riak VM). Place the BEAM file in the configured path in Riak and then configure buckets to call the Erlang module/function: postcommit_hook:send_to_kafka_riak_commitlog.

For the dev-services Riak VM

  1. Copy the new beam file from the build machine to your local machine:
$ cd ~/dev/dev-services
$ scp elixir-build-machine:riak-postcommit-hook/ebin/postcommit_hook.beam riak/
  1. Restart Riak
$ docker-compose stop riak
$ docker-compose start riak

Push a new release to S3

Make sure that you've incremented the vsn in src/ That's used to name the folder up on S3 that will hold the new release.

If you haven't already installed it you'll need to install and configure s3cmd:

$ brew install s3cmd
$ s3cmd --configure # use the "kafka-integration S3 credentials" from the 1Password "Engineering" vault
$ make release # compiles, tars up the release, pushes to S3


Tests are run automatically when you compile the project using make.

Manually run all tests

To run all the tests (without compiling the project):

$ make test

Manually run specific tests

To run specific tests:

$ ./rebar eunit tests=postcommit_hook:TEST_NAME

# For example:
#   ./rebar eunit tests=postcommit_hook:call_commitlog_test_


A postcommit hook for Riak that forwards Riak objects to an OTP application for handling.





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