A postcommit hook for Riak that forwards Riak objects to an OTP application for handling.
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A postcommit hook for Riak that forwards Riak objects to an OTP application for handling.

Developer Installation

Install Riak's required version of Erlang

Riak requires included code to be compiled with Erlang R16B02-basho8. Follow the steps in http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/ops/building/installing/erlang/ to get the correct Erlang version installed. The older version of Erlang do not build on later versions of macOS, so it's likely easier to build on our elixir-build-machine.

$ vagrant ssh elixir-build-machine
$ ./kerl install R16B02-basho8 ~/erlang/R16B02-basho8
$ git clone git@github.com:spreedly/riak-postcommit-hook.git

After installation you'll be able to activate and deactivate the Riak version of Erlang.

. ~/erlang/R16B02-basho8/activate

If you don't have the correct Erlang version active then make will throw an error instead of compiling with the incompatible version.


$ make
./rebar get-deps
==> riak-postcommit-hook (get-deps)
./rebar compile
==> riak-postcommit-hook (compile)
ERROR: OTP release 18 does not match required regex R16B02_basho8
ERROR: compile failed while processing /Users/sdball/github/spreedly/riak-postcommit-hook: rebar_abort
make: *** [compile] Error 1

Compile a new version of the postcommit hook

This project has a make configuration for compiling. You only need to ensure that your running the R16B02 Erlang version and then run make.

$ make

Run the postcommit hook in Riak

You'll need a running Riak instance configured with an added path for custom BEAM files (such as our dev-services Riak VM). Place the BEAM file in the configured path in Riak and then configure buckets to call the Erlang module/function: postcommit_hook:send_to_kafka_riak_commitlog.

For the dev-services Riak VM:

  1. Copy the new beam file from the build machine to your local machine:
$ pwd
$ scp elixir-build-machine:riak-postcommit-hook/ebin/postcommit_hook.beam riak
  1. Copy the beam file to the Riak directory on the core VM:
$ sudo cp /vagrant/riak/postcommit_hook.beam /opt/beams/
  1. Restart Riak
$ sudo riak stop
$ sudo riak start

Push a new release to S3

Make sure that you've incremented the VSN in src/postcommit_hook.app.src. That's used to name the folder up on S3 that will hold the new release.

If you haven't already installed it you'll need to install and configure s3cmd:

$ brew install s3cmd
$ s3cmd --configure # use the "kafka-integration S3 credentials" from the 1Password dev vault
$ make release # compiles, tars up the release, pushes to S3