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Spress - PHP Static site generator

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Spress is a static site generator built with Symfony components.

License: MIT.


  • Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows.
  • PHP +7.4.
  • Composer.


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When Contributing code to Spress, you must follow its coding standards. Spress follows PSR-2 coding style.

Keep in mind the golden rule: Imitate the existing Spress code.

Pull Requests

  • Fork the Spress repository.
  • Create a new branch for each feature or improvement.
  • New features: Send a pull request from each feature branch to master branch.
  • Fixes: Send a pull request to 2.1 branch.

Unit testing

All pull requests must be accompanied by passing unit tests. Spress uses phpunit for testing.

How to make spress.phar

We are using Box Project for generating the .phar file.

$ cd spress
$ box build

Unit tests

You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd spress
$ composer test