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Spresso theme

Spresso is a simple theme for Spress 2.0 based on Bootstrap 3. The content is organized in one central column. Spresso is the basic theme for Spress.

See a demo.

This theme requires Spress >= 2.0. If you are using Spress 1.x, go to 1.1.1 version of the theme.


  • Responsive design: Support to mobile and tablets.
  • Disqus comments on your posts.
  • Support to Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph.
  • Top and bottom menu.
  • Social networks link at the footer.
  • Support to Google and Bing site validation.
  • Code snippets highlight.
  • Iconic font by Fort Awesome.
  • Sitemap and RSS feed.

How to install?

This theme is included with Spress.

How to use?

Create a new site:

$ spress new:site /your-site-dir spresso


Spresso support top and bottom menus. To configure, you can edit top_menu and bottom_menu options from the config.yml:

    - { name: Home, url: / }
    - { name: About, url: /about }

    # To generate a absolute URL using site.url value:
    - { name: Docs, url: /docs, site_url: true}

    - { name: Your link, url: https://your-url }


Comments are powered by Disqus and it need your disqus shortname. To get it, you need create a account at this service. It's free.

Disable comments

By default, Disqus comments are enabled. If you want a post without comments, set the comments variable to false at the Front-matter of the post:

comments: false