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A demo for ytoolkit

What is it?

This project is just a demo of usage of ytoolkit project, see the project for details.

It includes:

  • Twitter authentication and data retrieving (OAuth 1.0)

  • Douban authentication and data retrieving (OAuth 1.0)

  • QQ weibo authentication and data retrieving (OAuth 1.0)

  • Flickr not finished (OAuth 1.0)

  • Sina Weibo authentication and data retrieving (OAuth 2.0 only, OAuth 1.0 not finished, cannot find the api doc for entering the last PIN code)

  • Facebook authentication and data retieving (OAuth 2.0)

  • live not finished.

  • [Base64 profiling] my implementation benchmark comparision to GNUCoreUtils base64, NSData+Base64 and libb64.

How to build it ?

  1. Clone it to your local.
  2. Clone the submodule using
    $ git submodule init
    $ git submodule update --recursive

submodules includes: ytoolkit, SBJson, HTTPRequestWrapper and ASIHTTPRequest 3. Open the project, if you are using a iOS is 5.0 earlier, you MUST change SBJson-ios lib's ARC setting to 'NO'

  1. Register and apply your own API key/secret, in the corresponding ClientCredentials.m

  2. Build and run the project.


ytoolkitdemo is distributed under BSD license. However, the ytoolkit is under LGPL v3 (except ASIHTTPRequest additions are under BSD license)