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Experimental static code analyzer for PHP
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Switched to theseer's Autoload.

Adapted build automation for Hudson CI.
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When running from the source tree, use:

php src/phpca.php -p <path> <file or directory>

where <path> is the bath to the PHP binary (required for the lint check
that is done before tokenizing the file) and <file or directory> is either
a single PHP file or a directory. If a directory is given, all *.php files
in that directory and its subdirectories will be analyzed.

To run from Phar archive (to create a Phar archive, run "phing phar"), use:

php phpca.phar -p <path> <file or directory>

The other command line switches phpca currently supports are:

  -p <file>
  --php <file>      Specify path to PHP executable (required).

  --list            List all built-in rules.

  --help            Prints this usage information.

  --version         Prints the version number.

See TODO file for development roadmap.
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