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[general] or NO section
indentation = "\t" | " "
line_endings = "\r\n"
brace_style = K&R
print or echo
additional rule directories = a, b, c
disabled rules = a, b, c
skip = tests/_testdata/Rule
level = warning ; violations are reported as warnings
disable = true; rule is generally disabled
skip_for = path/to/file.php; given files/directories are skipped on this rule
skip_for = path/to/directory
execute_for = path; ???
apply_to = ...
list of directories / namespaces / files / classes where no output may be done
skip rules: why a certain rule(s) are skipped for a directory / file / class / namespace
weigh rules + calculate a metric (sum of rule violations in relation to lines of code or "source lines") on how "compliant" the code is.
(exceptions to the rules weigh negatively)
meta rule / rule filter: activate/deactivate and/or configure rules, e.g.
K&R brace style is comprised of several rules.
skip XyzRule
skip xyz rule
skip a rulenewfile
skip rule
for skip rules, optional comment why should be required, possibly
phpca should output a skipped message with this string as the reason
namespaces should be treated hiearically, possibly like directories