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spring-social is no longer actively maintained by VMware, Inc.

Spring Social

Spring Social is an extension of the Spring Framework that helps you connect your applications with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers such as Facebook and Twitter.


  • An extensible service provider framework that greatly simplifies the process of connecting local user accounts to hosted provider accounts.

  • A connect controller that handles the authorization flow between your Java/Spring web application, a service provider, and your users.

  • Java bindings to popular service provider APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TripIt, and GitHub.

  • A sign-in controller that enables users to authenticate with your application by signing in through a service provider.

  • Much more...

Download Artifacts

See downloading Spring artifacts for Maven repository information. Unable to use Maven or other transitive dependency management tools? See building a distribution with dependencies.





    <name>Spring Repository</name>
    <name>Spring Milestone Repository</name>

    <name>Spring Snapshot Repository</name>

Spring Social Modules

The core Spring Social project does not contain provider modules. Each of the provider modules is in its own project. This enables those modules to progress and release on a separate schedule than Spring Social and be able to react more quickly to changes in the provider's API without the need to wait for a Spring Social release. The SaaS provider-specific projects can be cloned from the following GitHub URLs:


See the current Javadoc and reference docs. To get up and running quickly using the project, see the Quick Start guide.

Sample Applications

Several example projects are available in the samples repository.

Issue Tracking

Report issues via the Spring Social JIRA. While JIRA is preferred, GitHub issues are also welcome. Understand our issue management process by reading about the lifecycle of an issue.

Build from Source

  1. Clone the repository from GitHub:

    $ git clone
  2. Navigate into the cloned repository directory:

    $ cd spring-social
  3. The project uses Gradle to build:

    $ ./gradlew build
  4. Install jars into your local Maven cache (optional)

    $ ./gradlew install

Import Source into your IDE


  1. To generate Eclipse metadata (.classpath and .project files):

    $ ./gradlew eclipse
  2. Once complete, you may then import the projects into Eclipse as usual:

    File -> Import -> Existing projects into workspace

Note: Spring Tool Suite has built in support for Gradle, and you can simply import as Gradle projects.


Generate IDEA metadata (.iml and .ipr files):

$ ./gradlew idea


Pull requests are welcome. See the contributor guidelines for details.


Spring Social is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.


Allows you to connect your applications with SaaS providers such as Facebook and Twitter.



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