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This repository is no longer actively maintained by VMware, Inc.

This project is a sample of a client application with OAuth2 single sign on using Spring Cloud (in Java - there is a Groovy sample in the "demo" directory at

You can run the app locally with the "authserver" app from (running on localhost:8080/uaa), or against Github as an auth server by using the "github" profile (run it with

It should also work out of the box on Cloud Foundry if you create a user provided service called "sso" pointing to the UAA, e.g.

$ cf create-user-provided-service sso -p '{"userInfoUri":"", "tokenUri":"", "authorizationUri":"", "clientId":"[acme]", "clientSecret":"[secret]"}'

where [client] and [secret] are the credentials of a registered client that is