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Ever wanted to brew your beer using microservices? This repository will allow you to do so!

This repository is used throughout the Spring Cloud libraries builds as end to end testing set up. Check Acceptance Tests Readme for more information.

How does the brewery work?

Since pictures say more than words...

Here is the business flow of the app. Below you'll see more detailed explanation with numbers corresponding to the numbers in the diagram


And here additional tech related applications:


And here how the flow of apps look like (screenshot taken from Zipkin)


Presenting service (point of entry to the system)

Here is the UI


  • Go to the presenting service (http://localhost:9991 or to https://brewery-presenting.${PCF_DOMAIN}) and order ingredients. PCF_DOMAIN is the domain set to your CF installation. If you deploy to Pivotal Web Services it will default to (so the link for PWS will be (1)
  • A request from the presenting service is sent to the aggregating service when order is placed (2)
  • A "PROCESS-ID" header is set and will be passed through each part of beer brewing

Brewing service

Brewing service contains the following functionalities:


  • Service contains a warehouse ("database") where is stores the ingredients
  • Spring Cloud Gateway will be used as proxy (3)
  • Once the ingredients have been received an event is emitted (7)
  • You have to have all 4 ingredients reach their threshold (1000) to start maturing the beer
  • Once the brewing has been started an event is emitted (7)
  • Once the threshold is met the application sends a request to the maturing service (8)
  • Each time a request is sent to the aggregating service it returns as a response its warehouse state


  • It receives a request with ingredients needed to brew a beer
  • The brewing process starts thanks to the Thread.sleep method
  • Once it's done an event is emitted (9)
  • And a request to the bottling service is sent with number of worts (10)
  • Presenting service is called to update the current status of the beer brewing process


  • Waits some time to bottle the beer
  • Once it's done an event is emitted (11)
  • Presenting service is called to update the current status of the beer brewing process (12)

Ingredients Service

  • Returns a fixed value of ingredients (5)

Reporting Service

  • Listens to events and stores them in the "database"

Proxy (Spring Cloud Gateway)

  • Proxy over the "adapters" to external world to fetch ingredients
  • Routes all requests to the respective "ingredient adapter" (4)
  • For simplicity we have one ingredient adapter called "ingredients" that returns a stubbed quantity
  • Returns back the ingredients to the aggregating (6)

Project structure

├── acceptance-tests (code containing acceptace-tests of brewery)
├── brewing          (service that creates beer - consists of aggregating, maturing, bottling functionalities)
├── common           (common code for the services)
├── docker           (docker scripts for additional apps - e.g. graphite)
├── config-server    (set up for the config server)
├── eureka           (Eureka server needed for Eureka tests)
├── img              (the fabulous diagram of the brewery)
├── ingredients      (service returns ingredients)
├── presenting       (UI of the brewery)
├── reporting        (service that listens to events)
└── proxy            (Spring Cloud Gateway that forwards requests to ingredients)

How to build it?

./mvnw clean install

How to build one module?

E.g. brewing module

./mvnw clean install -pl brewing

How to run it?



Running Brewery

The easiest way is to:

  • GO to the cloned brewery where you have the script
  • For all options just run without any options or with --help switch

Once you run the script, the brewery app will be cloned, built with proper lib versions and proper tests will be executed.

You can run this script to have the setup done for you in no time (example for SLEUTH tests execution):

git clone
cd brewery
bash -t SLEUTH


I want to just run all the apps and have fun


bash -x

I want to just run all the apps with Eureka and have fun


bash -x -t EUREKA

I want to run end to end tests of Consul and kill all the apps after the tests finish


bash -t CONSUL -ke

I want to run end to end tests of Consul on my docker-machine (ip. and kill all the apps after the tests finish


bash -t CONSUL -ke -h

I want to run end to end tests of Consul, kill all the apps after the tests finish and skip build


bash -t CONSUL -ke -s


bash -n

How to run a single module?

To run a single module just execute (e.g. presenting module):

./mvnw spring-boot:run -pl presenting


The code is ported from

The authors of the initial version of the code are:

  • Marcin Grzejszczak (marcingrzejszczak)
  • Tomasz Szymanski (szimano)