Two microservices for customers and stores
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REST based micro-services sample

  • Three Spring Boot based Maven projects that are standalone applications:
    • Stores (MongoDB, exposing a few Starbucks shops across north america, geo-spatial functionality)
    • Customers (JPA)
    • Customers UI (Angular and Spring Boot CLI backend)
  • The customers application tries to discover a search-by-location-resource and periodically verifying it's still available (see StoreIntegration).
  • If the remote system is found the customers app includes a link to let clients follow to the remote system and thus find stores near the customer.
  • Hystrix is used to monitor the availability of the remote system, so if it fails to connect 20 times in 5 seconds (by default) the circuit will open and no more attempts will be made until after a timeout.

Running Instructions

  • Before try to run the services, make sure you have Rabbitmq Server and MongoDB running on localhost.
  • Make sure you have Spring Boot for Groovy installed
  • Make sure Spring Cloud CLI is installed
  • To run the services, just execute "mvn spring-boot:run" in each project subfolder, and "spring run app.groovy" for the UI.

IDE Support

To use these projects in an IDE you will need the project Lombok agent. Full instructions can be found in the Lombok website. The sign that you need to do this is a lot of compiler errors to do with missing methods and fields.

Docker and Lattice

$ ltc create --memory-mb 0 --timeout 5m -e RABBITMQ_HOST= -e RABBITMQ_PORT=61001 customers springcloud/customers
$ ltc create --memory-mb 0 --timeout 5m -e MONGODB_HOST= -e MONGODB_PORT=61002 -e RABBITMQ_HOST= -e RABBITMQ_PORT=61001 stores springcloud/stores