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Data Flow Task Launch Request Support Common Module

This artifact contains a Spring Boot auto-configuration providing components to produce a Task Launch Request payload. In theory any message source can be used to launch a Task. The task launch request is compatible with the task-launcher-dataflow sink.

Data Flow Task Launch Request

Data Flow Task Launch Request requests require a Data Flow server with an existing task definition. The only required field is the task name, given by task.launch.request.task-name. Users may optionally provide values for task command line arguments and deployment properties.

Task Launch Request Context

In addition to user provided values, the stream app may programmatically provide specific values. For example, any task launched by the sftp source should provide information derived from the source message, such as the local file path. In this case, the app creates a TaskLaunchRequestContext instance and sets it as a message header TaskLaunchRequestContext.HEADER-NAME. The TaskLaunchRequestTransformer will use the TaskLaunchRequestContext to enrich the user provided command line arguments.


To enable this capability for a stream app, include a dependency on this module


and set the application property

To provide a TaskLaunchRequestContext:

public IntegrationFlow flow(TaskLaunchRequestTransformer taskLaunchRequestTransformer) {
    return IntegrationFlows.from(input())
    .transform(addTaskLaunchRequestContextHeader()) //App provided

TaskLaunchRequestIntegrationTests provides some examples.

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