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Spring Cloud Data Flow App Repository

What is this?

This is the source for a Spring Boot web application to serve as a web repository for Spring Cloud Data Flow application binaries used to build stream and task applications. This application may be run locally or deployed along side the Spring Cloud Data Flow Server to enable registration and deployment of component apps without requiring an external Maven repository.

Why would you use this?

The pre-built jars are updated in conjunction with Spring Cloud Data Flow releases and published to the Spring Maven Repository. While the Spring Cloud deployers used by Data Flow load jars directly from this repository by default, Data Flow users frequently must deploy these apps to an environment that is behind a firewall, either requiring a Maven proxy or possibly without public internet access at all. This tool makes it easy to build and install a resource on the local network which allows the Data Flow deployer to pull the binaries and runtime metadata via http.

Getting Started

Use the parent scdf-app-tool to download available apps into src/main/resources/static. Then build the executable jar application with Maven

$cd config/scdf-app-repo
$./mvnw package

You can run it locally:

$java -jar target/scdf-app-repo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Or deploy it to a supported cloud platform.

The hosted jars and metadata are downloaded using the root URL, e.g., http://localhost:8080/foo.jar.

  • You can view a list of hosted artifacts at the /repo endpoint.

  • To bulk register all of the apps to Spring Cloud Data Flow use the /import endpoint