The Spring Cloud Deployer implementation for a "local" machine


Spring Cloud Local Deployer

Spring Cloud Local Deployer is an implementation of the Spring Cloud Deployer SPI for use to deploy applications on the same machine. This occurs by this application spawning a new JVM process for the deployed application.

It’s important to note that this deployer spawns new JVMs that are not monitored or maintained by this deployer. No attempts at high availability, fault tolerance, or resiliency are provided by the deployer. Since the deployer SPI expects an underlying platform to provide that level of resiliency, any use of this deployer in a production environment should be accompanied with additional monitoring at the app level (the apps this deployer deploys). This deployer will not be updated to take on those requirements. Therefore the user is encouraged to explore the CloudFoundry and Kubernetes variants as ways to meet them.


Build and skip all tests:

./mvnw clean package -DskipTests

Or build project and run tests:

./mvnw clean package