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Spring Cloud GCP Changelog

Spring Cloud GCP is a set of integrations between Spring Framework and Google Cloud Platform. It makes it much easier for Spring framework users to run their applications on Google Cloud Platform.

This document provides a high-level overview of the changes introduced in Spring Cloud GCP by release. For a detailed view of what has changed, refer to the commit history on GitHub.

1.2.0.RELEASE (2019-11-26)


  • New module

  • Autoconfiguration for the BigQuery client objects with credentials needed to interface with BigQuery

  • A Spring Integration message handler for loading data into BigQuery tables in your Spring integration pipelines

Cloud Foundry

  • Created a separate starter for Cloud Foundry: spring-cloud-gcp-starter-cloudfoundry


  • Datastore emulator support and auto-configuration

  • Entity Inheritance Hierarchies support

  • Query by example

  • Support Pagination for @Query annotated methods

  • Support key fields in name-based query methods

  • Events and Auditing support

  • Support for multiple namespaces

  • Spring Boot Actuator Support for Datastore Health Indicator (#1423)


  • Spring Data Reactive Repositories for Cloud Firestore

  • Cloud Firestore Spring Boot Starter


  • Additional metadata support for JSON logging (#1310)

  • Add service context for Stackdriver Error Reporting

  • Add option to add custom json to log messages

  • A separate module for Logging outside of autoconfiguration (#1455)


  • PubsubTemplate publish to topics in other projects (#1678)

  • PubsubTemplate subscribe in other projects (#1880)

  • Reactive support for Pub/Sub subscription (#1461)

  • Spring Integration - Pollable Message Source (using Pub/Sub Synchronous Pull) (#1321)

  • Pubsub stream binder via synchronous pull (#1419)

  • Add keepalive property to pubsub; set default at 5 minutes (#1807)

  • Change thread pools to create daemon threads that do not prevent JVM shutdown (#2010)

    • This is a change in behavior for non-web applications that subscribe to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. The subscription threads used to keep the application alive, but will now allow the application to shut down if no other work needs to be done.

  • Added original message to the throwable for Pub/Sub publish failures (#2020)


  • Added support to allow multiple IAP audience claims (#1856)


  • Expose Spanner failIfPoolExhausted property (#1889)

  • Lazy fetch support for interleaved collections (#1460)

  • Bounded staleness option support (#1727)

  • Spring Data Spanner Repositories In clause queries support (#1701)

  • Spanner array param binding

  • Events and Auditing support

  • Multi-Instance support (#1530)

  • Fixed conversion for timestamps older than unix epoch (#2043)

  • Fixed REST Repositories PUT by populating key fields when virtual key property is set (#2053)

Spring Cloud Bus

  • Spring Cloud Config and Bus over Pub/Sub sample/docs (#1550)


  • Cloud Vision Document OCR support

1.1.0.RELEASE (2019-01-22)

1.0.0.RELEASE (2018-09-18)

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