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Spring Cloud Bus

Using Cloud Pub/Sub as the Spring Cloud Bus implementation is as simple as importing the spring-cloud-gcp-starter-bus-pubsub starter.

This starter brings in the Spring Cloud Stream binder for Cloud Pub/Sub, which is used to both publish and subscribe to the bus. If the bus topic (named springCloudBus by default) does not exist, the binder automatically creates it. The binder also creates anonymous subscriptions for each project using the spring-cloud-gcp-starter-bus-pubsub starter.

Maven coordinates, using Spring Cloud GCP BOM:


Gradle coordinates:

dependencies {
    compile group: '', name: 'spring-cloud-gcp-starter-bus-pubsub'

Configuration Management with Spring Cloud Config and Spring Cloud Bus

Spring Cloud Bus can be used to push configuration changes from a Spring Cloud Config server to the clients listening on the same bus.

To use GCP Pub/Sub as the bus implementation, both the configuration server and the configuration client need the spring-cloud-gcp-starter-bus-pubsub dependency.

All other configuration is standard to Spring Cloud Config.

spring cloud bus over pubsub

Spring Cloud Config Server typically runs on port 8888, and can read configuration from a variety of source control systems such as GitHub, and even from the local filesystem. When the server is notified that new configuration is available, it fetches the updated configuration and sends a notification (RefreshRemoteApplicationEvent) out via Spring Cloud Bus.

When configuration is stored locally, config server polls the parent directory for changes. With configuration stored in source control repository, such as GitHub, the config server needs to be notified that a new version of configuration is available. In a deployed server, this would be done automatically through a GitHub webhook, but in a local testing scenario, the /monitor HTTP endpoint needs to be invoked manually.

curl -X POST http://localhost:8888/monitor -H "X-Github-Event: push" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"commits": [{"modified": [""]}]}'

By adding the spring-cloud-gcp-starter-bus-pubsub dependency, you instruct Spring Cloud Bus to use Cloud Pub/Sub to broadcast configuration changes. Spring Cloud Bus will then create a topic named springCloudBus, as well as a subscription for each configuration client.

The configuration server happens to also be a configuration client, subscribing to the configuration changes that it sends out. Thus, in a scenario with one configuration server and one configuration client, two anonymous subscriptions to the springCloudBus topic are created. However, a config server disables configuration refresh by default (see ConfigServerBootstrapApplicationListener for more details).

A demo application showing configuration management and distribution over a Cloud Pub/Sub-powered bus is available. The sample contains two examples of configuration management with Spring Cloud Bus: one monitoring a local file system, and the other retrieving configuration from a GitHub repository.

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