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Spring Cloud GCP IAP Authentication Example

This sample application demonstrates using Spring Cloud GCP IAP Authentication Starter to extract user identity from a pre-authenticated header injected by Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP).

If you run the sample locally, the following pages will be available:

URL Description


Unsecured page.


Secured page requiring non-anonymous authentication. Prints IAP identity details if authentication passes.


Unsecured page that can be used for troubleshooting or capturing IAP tokens from a deployed application for local testing (please don’t give anyone else access to your IAP token or add this functionality to a real production application).

Setup & Configuration

  1. Create a Google Cloud Platform Project.

  2. Have the Google Cloud SDK installed, initialized and logged in with application default credentials (you can run the sample locally without logging in, but you’ll need the credentials to deploy).

Running the Sample Locally

Run with Maven from the root of this code sample:

$ mvn clean spring-boot:run

You can then try using curl against the paths made available in the sample.

This will work, and pring "No secrets here":

$ curl localhost:8080/

This will not work, returning Access Denied:

$ curl localhost:8080/topsecret

It is possible, in principle, to grab a recent JWK token from a deployed application’s /headers path, and to test locally. Please take care with your token if you do this.

$ curl -H "x-goog-iap-jwt-assertion: [JWK TOKEN]" localhost:8080/topsecret

Deploying the Sample to AppEngine Flexible

The following Maven target will deploy this application to the root of your AppEngine Flexible instance:

$ mvn appengine:deploy
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