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This release adds a lot of new features and quality and testing improvements. As for main features, we've added support for a project with multiple modules, and for mono-repos (projects with standalone application sources in it). As for quality and testing, we're approaching 200 Bash tests (we've written missing tests for the Concourse pipeline). We've started publishing the project's sources as a downloadable artifact. That way instead of cloning the repo or downloading the ~25mb archive, you can fetch around 150kb of sources. The docs for 1.0.0.M8 are available here - http://cloud.spring.io/spring-cloud-static/spring-cloud-pipelines/1.0.0.M8/

We're attaching the distributions to this release in tar.gz and zip formats, with sources only.

Below you can find more detailed release notes:


  • Latest prod tag could change while pipeline is running [#125]
  • Don't log any URLs cause it can contain the password [#121]
  • Parametrize the manifest.yml filename [#117]
  • Change the CF way of doing prod deployment [#111]
  • Allow multiple ports for stub runner on CF [#123]
  • Allow passing of credentials to upload to repo with binaries [#116]
  • Allow to reuse existing services for test environment [#114]
  • Utilize the keyval resource in the concourse pipeline [#120]
  • Get last prod-tagged release for back-compatibility and rollback jobs [#124]
  • Add switch to delete services in CF [#112]
  • Separate repo with binaries URL for upload and download [#115]
  • Enabled tag deletion in prod-rollback job [#128]
  • Added parametrization of sc-pipelines.yml file in pipelines [#127]
  • Bumped Gradle to 4.8 [#154]
  • Migrate to use new bats repo [#155]
  • [Jenkins] Download the pipeline definition instead of cloning it from Git [#146]
  • For a release produce an artifact with sources only to make it weigh less [#142]
  • Custom Git commands in commons scripts don't use SSH key [#145]

Breaking changes

  • App manifest is ignored [#129]
    • main source of truth for CF deployment is the manifest
  • Refactor the prod deployment function names [#113]
    • deployGreen or switchBackToBlue functions got removed
  • Add support for multi module/project built applications [#109]
    • the git tag is changed to contain the project name in it. E.g changed from dev/1.0.0.M1 to dev/projectName/1.0.0.M1

Bug fixes

  • Rollback smoke test run the latest tests and not the old ones [#118]
  • The gitSsh credentials in Jenkins are not created [#137]
  • Unit tests for project customization fail when run on Windows OS [#134]
  • Jenkins pipelines generated by sample seed pipeline don't refer Git SSH credentials [#138]
  • Scripts tests fail when specifying PIPELINE_DESCRIPTOR [#142]

Documentation fixes

  • Update the docs with step by step to convert your project [#30]
  • Fixed paragraph about Kubernetess wrongly mentioned Cloud Foundry [#152]


Super special thanks go to the one and only @ciberkleid for all her hard work on the project (look at that!!! - #130) and to @oiavorskyi (#148) Kudos Cora and Oleg!

Special thanks go to @regevbr and everybody involved in the project!