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TaskLauncher Local Sink

This application launches the task application specified in the uri attribute of the TaskLaunchRequest contained in the message that is received.

Any message that does not contain a TaskLaunchRequest will log an error.

Using the TaskLauncher

A tasklauncher is a sink that consumes a TaskLaunchRequest message, deploys and launches a task using a Spring Cloud Deployer. The task will use the --uri from the message to determine what artifact to deploy as well as the properties and arguments to execute the task. An example of this using Spring Cloud Data Flow would look like this:

stream create foo --definition "triggertask --uri=maven://org.springframework.cloud.task.app:timestamp-task:jar:1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT --fixed-delay=5 | tasklauncher-local"

Another example would be to use a processor to translate a message from another source into a TaskLaunchRequest that would be sent to the tasklauncher sink.


$ mvn clean package