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TriggerTask Source

The TriggerTask app sends a TaskLaunchRequest based on a fixed delay, date or cron expression. The user is allowed to set the command line arguments as well as the Spring Boot properties that are used by the task.


The triggertask source has the following options:


Cron expression value for the Cron Trigger. (String, default: <none>)

Format for the date value. (String, default: <none>)


Fixed delay for periodic triggers. (Integer, default: 1)


Initial delay for periodic triggers. (Integer, default: 0)


Maximum messages per poll, -1 means infinity. (Long, default: 1)


The expression for the payload of the Source module. (Expression, default: <none>)


The TimeUnit to apply to delay values. (TimeUnit, default: <none>, possible values: NANOSECONDS,MICROSECONDS,MILLISECONDS,SECONDS,MINUTES,HOURS,DAYS)


Space delimited key=value pairs to be used as commandline variables for the task. (String, default: <empty string>)


Comma delimited key=value pairs to be used as deploymentProperties for the task. (String, default: <empty string>)


Comma delimited key=value pairs to be used as environmentProperties for the task. (String, default: <empty string>)


The uri to the task artifact. (String, default: <empty string>)

Using the triggertask

A trigger task is a source that dispatches TaskLaunchRequest messages that will eventually be consumed by a tasklauncher-* sink. The tasklauncher-* sink will then deploy a task and launch it. An example of this using Spring Cloud Data Flow would look like this:

stream create foo --definition "triggertask --uri=maven:// --fixed-delay=5 | tasklauncher-local"

In the case above the tasklauncher-local will receive the TaskLaunchRequest and launch the task enumerated in the --uri property using the Spring Cloud Local Deployer.

The only required property for the triggertask is the --uri which specifies the artifact that will be launched by the tasklauncher-* that you have selected.


$ mvn clean package