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@mbogoevici mbogoevici released this May 16, 2017 · 139 commits to master since this release

Spring Cloud Stream Chelsea.SR2 Release Notes

Release Train Components and Versions

Component Version
Spring Cloud Stream Core 1.2.2.RELEASE
Spring Cloud Stream Binder Rabbit 1.2.1.RELEASE
Spring Cloud Stream Binder Kafka 1.2.1.RELEASE

Spring Boot compatibility

This release is based on Spring Boot 1.5. It is also compatible with Spring Boot 1.4.4.RELEASE and later.

Spring Cloud integration

This release is also part of the Spring Cloud Dalston.SR1 release train.

Middleware compatibility

Issues resolved since Chelsea.SR1

Spring Cloud Stream Core

893 : StreamListener javadoc is not rendering properly on the browser.
897 : AvroSchemaRegistryClientMessageConverter NPE
922 : Fix unsafe access to DateFormat object
927 : Fix Timezone error on MetricsJsonSerializer
930 : Add code formatting guidelines
931 : Synchronisation problem when resolving the channel
953 : AbstractMessageChannelBinder should also handle DisposableBeans
962 : Not propagating contentType breaks message conversion at the consumer side
965 : Fix Confluent Schema Registry client

Spring Cloud Stream Binder Rabbit

63 : Do not create a connection factory if in a child context of the main
67 : Eliminate dead code in RabbitMessageChannelBinder

Spring Cloud Stream Binder Kafka

118 : Consuming from topics with higher consumer count than partition count not possible though auto rebalancing enabled
122 : Binding Properties Should Override Equivalent Boot (Default) Properties
123 : Health Indicator is been created with wrong properties
132 : Remove log format setting in KafkaBinderEnvironmentPostProcessor
134 : Add support for setting the message key via SpEL
135 : Move UnexpectedPartitionCountHandling out of Provisioner implementation

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