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@sobychacko sobychacko released this Jun 13, 2018 · 126 commits to master since this release

Spring Cloud Stream Ditmars.SR4 Release Notes

Release Train Components and Versions

Component Version
Spring Cloud Stream Core 1.3.3.RELEASE
Spring Cloud Stream Binder Rabbit 1.3.4.RELEASE
Spring Cloud Stream Binder Kafka 1.3.3.RELEASE

Spring Boot compatibility

This release brings Spring Boot 1.5.12. It is not compatible with Spring Boot 2.x.

Spring Cloud integration

Compatible with Spring Cloud Edgware release train.

Middleware compatibility

  • RabbitMQ: See Spring AMQP 1.7.5 reference documentation for details
  • Apache Kafka: 0.10.1 with default dependency set, as well as 0.10.2 via client library override - see reference documentation for details
  • While strictly not part of the release train, spring-cloud-stream-binder-kafka11-1.3.0.RELEASE.jar and spring-cloud-stream-binder-kstream11-1.3.0.RELEASE.jar are also available for compatibility with Apache Kafka: Use the same technique as above to override to use this version.

Issues resolved since Ditmars.SR3

Spring Cloud Stream Core

1202 : Inconsistent use of this.prefix in AvroSchemaRegistryClientMessageConverter.resolveSchemaForWriting
1215 : CachingCachingRegistryClient stores data by wrong keys resulting in fetch operations always missing
1218 : Inconsistent use of AvroSchemaRegistryClientMessageConverter.AVRO_FORMAT
1222 : DefaultSchemaRegistryClient should accept a custom RestTemplate
1217 : AvroSchemaRegistryClientMessageConverter registers schema formats inconsistently
1214 : Support for reactive webapps with AggregateApplicationBuilder
858 : Retry and Backoff
1307 : Add conditional on SchemaRegistryClient bean configuration
1294 : NPE from AvroSchemaRegistryClientMessageConverter.resolveWriterSchemaForDeserialization when mimeType does not parse to a SchemaReference such as "application/*+avro"
1311 : Revise Schema Registry docs
1256 : Rework Health Indicator

Spring Cloud Stream Binder Rabbit

89 : Improve Properties Description
128 : Issue in Shutdown timeout

Spring Cloud Stream Binder Kafka

244 :Verify that kafka-binder and kstream-binder can coexist in the same application
315 : KafkaBinderConfigurationProperties duplicate bean

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