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Spring Fu is an incubator for JaFu (Java DSL) and KoFu (Kotlin DSL) designed to configure Spring Boot explicitly with code in a declarative way with great discoverability thanks to auto-complete. It provides fast startup (40% faster than regular auto-configuration on a minimal Spring MVC app), low memory consumption and is a good fit with GraalVM native thanks to its (almost) reflection-less approach.


Spring Fu is experimental and not intended to be used in production. The project has been stalled for some time, and we recognize that Spring Fu has not been getting the attention it deserves. The reason for this is that we have been focussed on other projects, such as native compilation and AOT. Rest assured that we will work on functional configurations again in the future, be it through Spring Fu, or in another form.


In addition to the whole Spring and Reactor teams, special credits to: