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Spring Integration in Action

This project contains the code examples from the book "Spring Integration in Action" (Manning, 2012).

To build and run tests, change into the 'siia-examples' directory and execute: mvn test

To install artifacts into your local Maven repository execute: mvn install

To explore the code, we recommend importing the projects (located in the sub-directories) into an IDE such as Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea.

For more information about the book, visit


The modules of the 'siia-examples' are as follows:

Module Description Chapters
batch Batch processing application using Spring Batch and Spring Integration 16
business Business logic invocation (transformers, service activators) 5
concurrency Concurrency configuration (pollers, task executors) 15
flight-booking More complex example of routing, XML processing and testing 6, 8, 18
fundamentals Basic introduction to decoupled code and dependency injection 2
hello-world Introductory example to Spring and Spring Integration 1
home-cooking Splitters and aggregators 7
jms JMS integration 9
messages-channels Introduction to messages and channels 3
monitoring Monitoring patterns - MessageBus, History, WireTap and JMX integration 14
trip-diary File-based integration 11
twitter Twitter integration 13
webapp SOAP and RESTful web services 12