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Atom package for Spring Boot projects

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Atom package and Language Server providing support for working with Spring Boot apps.

Java Support


The extension will automatically activate when you edit files with the following name patterns:

  • *.java => activates support for Java files

If you find an issue please raise it here:


Navigating the source code - Go to symbol in file

Easy navigation to Spring-specific elements of your source code. Open .java file then open Atom's Outline View - View -> Toggle Outline View

Go to Symbol in file

Live application information hovers

Show information from running Spring Boot apps on your machine in the source code. This allows you to run the Spring Boot app locally on your machine and visualizes information from those running apps in your source code.


Once the tooling detects a running Spring Boot app on your local machine, it automatically shows hints in the source code where data from the running app can be inspected. Then hovering over that area (with the mouse pointer), the data from the running app shows up.

If there are multiple instances of the app running on your machine, the live data from all those instances will show up in the hover information.

live data from running apps as hover on source code


  • @Profile: shows information about the active profiles on the running apps
  • @Component, @Bean, @Autowired: shows detailed information about the beans and their wiring from the live app
  • @ContidionalOn...: shows information about the conditions and their evaluation at runtime
  • RequestMapping: show information about the request mapping for running apps


You can enable/disable this feature via workspace preferences by adding the following:

      on: false

Smart code completions

Additional code completions for Spring-specific annotations

Smart code completion for boot properties


  • @Value: code completion for Spring Boot property keys
  • @Scope: code completion for standard scope names

Properties Support

Atom package and Language Server providing support for working with Spring Boot and application.yml files.


The package will automatically activate when you edit files with the following name patterns:

  • => activates support for Spring Boot properties in .propertiesformat.
  • application.yml => activates support for Spring Boot properties in .yml format.

For all other files select grammar to be Spring-Boot-Properties for properties file format or Spring-Boot-Properties-YAML for 'YAML' file format


This package analyzes your project's classpath and parses and indexes any Spring Boot Properties Metadata it finds. Both Maven and Gradle projects are supported.

The data in the index is used to provide validation, code completions and information hovers while editing Spring Boot Properties in either .properties or .yml format.


Property keys as well as property values are validated. Property keys are validated for being known properties and values are checked for being of expected type as well being a valid value

application-yaml-validation application-properties-validation

Code Completions

Both YAML and Properties formats have support for Content Assist on property keys and values helping to write valid Spring Boot configuration files right from the start.



Information Hovers

Hovering over property keys provide valuable documentation about the purpose of the property and expected type for its value in a small popup window.


Issues and Feature Requests

Please report bugs, issues and feature requests on the Github STS4 issue tracker.


Released versions of this package can be installed directly from the Atom package installer.

There are also development snapshots available with the latest fixes and improvements from release git repository:

  1. Clone the release repository for Atom package if not already cloned and navigate to atom-spring-boot folder
  2. Run git clean -fxd - necessary to delete out of date LS JAR file and dependency packages
  3. Run git pull - get the latest changes
  4. Run npm install - Install latest dependecnies and download proper LS JAR
  5. Run apm link . - Link the package to Atom
  6. Either start Atom or Reload Window in Atom