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Welcome to the Eclipse-Integration-Gradle Wiki!

Since version 2.7.M1 STS has included support for working with Gradle projects inside of STS. Since version 3.0.0 the STS Gradle tooling has been made open source as a project called eclipse-integration-gradle on github.


Our tools support working with nested Gradle "multi projects":

  • mapping hierarchical structure onto a flat set of "linked" Eclipse projects with appropriate automatically configured resource filters.
  • flexible name mapping: allows user to adopt two different default name mapping schemes. Users can also rename individual projects in the workspace without breaking the tools.

The Gradle Import Wizard:

  • eases importing existing Gradle (Multi) Projects with a number of subprojects.
    • supports importing only a subset of "interesting projects", without breaking project dependencies.
    • allows incrementally importing additional projects after initially importing only a subset.
  • wizard options allow tweaking the import to work for many existing Gradle projects.
  • import options are saved in a settings file that is suitable to commit to source control (so others can easily import your project without having to guess correct wizard options).

Our Gradle Task UI...

  • allows you to create, store, edit, manage and execute lists of Gradle tasks as Eclipse launch configurations from within STS.
  • provides a Gradle Tasks View to quickly launch individual tasks.
  • extends the standard Eclipse launching framework, so you can also
    • relaunch from a list of favorites
    • relaunch from a "recent history" list
    • store launch configurations in files that can be shared via a code repository like SVN, CVS or git.

Gradle Editing Support: If Greclipse is installed you can enable DSLD Support. You can get some content assist and JavaDoc hovers showing you relevant documentation from the Gradle API jars. You can also navigate directly to the corresponding Gradle source code for those apis.


The current version is 3.0.0 and provides the following main chunks of functionality:

Extension Points

(See extension point description for more details)

  • org.springsource.ide.eclipse.gradle.core.projectConfigurators allows clients to register project configurators which provide ability to configure a project appropriately based on project's Gradle model

Further Reading

  • Readme.md: Instructions on how to obtain / install / build
  • FAQ
  • Tutorial: Shows you how to import an existing Gradle project and using the Task UI to execute Gradle Tasks from within Eclipse.