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Interactive shell for Hadoop
Java Groovy Shell
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docs fix readme + add runtime task
gradle/wrapper upgrade to Gradle 1.2
plugin-common/src IMPALA-28 remove default value for JT and NN
plugin-hdfs/src remove stack trace
plugin-hive/src downgrade to Spring 3.1.1 (for Serengeti)
plugin-mapreduce/src check NN and JT before run cmd
plugin-pig downgrade to Spring 3.1.1 (for Serengeti)
plugin-r/src minor improvements
.gitignore build system updates update README
build.gradle add spring-jdbc as a dependency for Hive bump to dev version
gradlew upgrade to Gradle 1.2
gradlew.bat initial (non-working) project shell
maven.gradle build system updates
settings.gradle add R commands


Interactive shell for Hadoop

  • Maven:


<!-- used for nightly builds -->
  <name>Springframework Maven SNAPSHOT Repository</name>

<!-- used for milestone/rc releases -->
  <name>Springframework Maven Milestone Repository</name>
  • Gradle:
repositories {
   mavenRepo name: "spring-snapshot", urls: ""

dependencies {
   compile "${version}"
   compile "${version}"

task copyDependency(type: Copy) {
    into "$buildDir/libs/dependency"
    from configurations.runtime 

project.ext.springShellJar = configurations.runtime.find { file ->"spring-shell")}
//println("spring shell name is:" +

project.ext.manifestClasspath = "dependency/" + + " "
project.ext.manifestClasspath = project.ext.manifestClasspath + configurations.runtime.collect{ File file -> "dependency/"}.join(' ')

jar {
    baseName "simple-cli"
    manifest {
        attributes 'Main-Class' : '', "Class-Path" : project.ext.manifestClasspath

eclipse {
    project {
        name = "simple-cli"

defaultTasks 'clean', 'build', 'copyDependency'

current version is 1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT

Running Example

cd samples/simple
java -jar build/libs/build/libs/simple-cli-1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar
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