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AMQP-247 Queue ID/Name Documentation

Add a tip explaining when to use ID Vs. name when
defining a <queue/>.
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@@ -803,6 +803,14 @@ Object receiveAndConvert(String queueName) throws AmqpException;]]></programlist
<programlisting><![CDATA[<rabbit:queue name=""/>]]></programlisting>
+ <tip>
+ You can provide both an <emphasis>id</emphasis> and a <emphasis>name</emphasis> attribute.
+ This allows you to refer to the queue (for example in a binding) by an id that is
+ independent of the queue name. It also allows standard Spring features such as
+ property placeholders, and SpEL expressions for the queue name; these features
+ are not available when using the name as the bean identifier.
+ </tip>
<para>Queues can be configured with additional arguments, for example,
'x-message-ttl' or 'x-ha-policy'. Using the namespace support, they are provided in the form of
a Map of argument name/argument value pairs, using the

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