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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Jan 11, 2019 · 227 commits to master since this release

Change log:

8350fa2 Upgrade Spring Framework to 5.1.4
3cd6cd1 Upgrade Jackson version
6ba27ee Sonar Fixes
24521d8 Sonar Fixes
1134375 Sonar Fixes
30cc3d8 Sonar fixes
6b80c1f GH-865: Restart DirMLC for any consume exception
d6b3007 Sonar Fixes
c931a4c Fix Sonar issues
427ed3e GH-871: Add missing @Nullable
963b3b7 AMQP-849: Fix test
8051eda AMQP-849: RT and DRTMLC - add ErrorHandler
3caa3c9 More doc polishing - replyAddress
43b2cf4 AMQP-848: RT with DRTMLC - always release consumer
9d67546 AMQP-847: Close channel in RabbitTemplate.receive
d5a2306 Sonar polishing for last commit
787dfa0 Use Context CL whenever it is applicable
3521f79 AMQP-846 Polishing
f0f9788 GH-861: Quick Tour Docs Polishing
1195658 AMQP-846: Fix NPE (adviceChain)
73cd8ea Remove erroneous @nullable
dda3ada Fix javadoc according Checkstyle
68b770c Checkstyle: Add Javadoc to BrokerNotAliveException
52cb146 Sonar Fixes
9045721 AMQP-845: SSL Doc Polishing

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