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@artembilan artembilan released this Apr 10, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

Change log:

24e8048 GH-973: Higher order for RabbitListTestBootstrap (#976)
ecb5e11 Remove deprecated classes and methods
ff49223 GH-973: Higher order for RabbitListenerTestHarness
45ec57f Upgrade Spring, RabbitMQ Client Versions
a09a89f GH-970: Add AmqpAppender.verifyHostname option (#971)
ae7b6ac GH-967: Use ChannelProxy CL instead of context (#968)
38358d3 GH-920: Propagate afterReceive to AsyncRTemplate
9224d34 Fix new Sonar issue
389efc3 Add type-safe queue properties to AmqpAdmin
1614a4b (polish-urls-apache-license-master) URL Cleanup
04d014a Fix BrokerRunningTest back to http for management
660df5e URL Cleanup
cd8db53 (polish-urls-xml-master) URL Cleanup
5334215 Fix new Sonar issues
9c241c1 GH-935: Handle all exceptions in handleDelivery
cc36ede Increase test reply timeout
7663761 GH-933: Fix NPE in PublisherCallbackChannelImpl
885df2f Add BytesToStringConverter
f98eb5b GH-923: Fix start delay for @lazy @RabbitListener
89831c8 Fix new getter name
088a607 Fix getter visibility (previous commit)
2d92268 Add getter for RabbitTemplate on AsyncTemplate
331fe44 GH-918: Add unit test and @autor
012df67 GH-918 Handle null correlationId
0123d3a URL Cleanup
b10c954 (spring-operator/master) Doc Polishing
89446a2 GH-914: Honor AllowBeanDefOverriding = false (#915)
be088c6 (origin/master, origin/HEAD) Make CorrelationData.setReturnedMessage public
970cc48 GH-910: Checkstyle
f5cc8ce GH-910: Sonar false positive
df0ee54 GH-910: Fix async return type erasure
891ba3b GH-910: Fix return type headers for async returns
dd66369 GH-905: Fix typo
9342989 GH-905: Polishing and Fix Tests for IPv6
5f4c60a GH-905: Fix @RabbitListener Thread Names
77e1216 GH-905: Configurable executor on @RabbitListener
b2802b5 2.2 General Code and API Cleanup
00827fc Upgrades and doc fixes
90b7b91 Add updateCopyrights Gradle Task
7b7c8d8 Move master to 2.2

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