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@artembilan artembilan released this Jun 14, 2019 · 51 commits to master since this release

Change log:

f87773f (HEAD -> master) Upgrade dependencies; prepare for release
55b99d1 Fix new package tangle
3e451e6 GH-1021: Fix @SendTo after error is handled
cf030af Upgrade to Spring Data Moore RC1
feea368 Upgrade reactor to 3.3.0.M2
925b8c6 (egusev/master, GH-1014) GH-1014: Add addMdcAsHeaders into appenders
b6f6b60 DMLC: Publish event for connection failure
3edcd9a Add nohttp Gradle plugin
0c85113 Doc polishing
c7aea38 Sonar fix
11f2076 Fix Sonar problems
774582d Add AmqpHeaders.CHANNEL in error hander
e220c2f GH-1006: Fix listener ack for Mono<Void>
14d421d (Mono_void_ack) GH-1009: Fix NPE in the AbsAdaptMessageListener (#1010)
2c68aa9 Upgrade Jackson
ae39efa Handle async result with null completion
85518e2 Doc polishing
22e982e Doc polishing
b9f33ed GH-999: Release permit when channel is closed
b576545 Fix typos in Docs
14cacf1 GH-999: Sonar fix and improve tests
3bcca76 Fix ChannelCheckoutTimeout with PublisherConfirms
2d77337 Add amqp_batchSize message header
c36bfe1 Add isLastInBatch to MessageProperties

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