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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Aug 5, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

Change log:

2dc35cc Reactor to M3
00983b2 Data Moore to RC2
5c9342c Upgrade to stabe versions from snapshots
eb58945 GH-1058: Fix Reject/Requeue for Async Returns
8336d4e Change travis to use trusty
569024e GH-1055: Fix new test race conditions
bf979dd GH-1055: Invoke Conf/Return callbacks on executor
07159e0 Fix ImmediateRequeueAmqpException
7302931 Remove @Config from RabbitListenerTestBootstrap
f6a7fe6 Upgrade dependencies
d9bad5b Fix new Sonar smells
f7b7bed GH-1049: Support SaslConfig in logging appenders
d68315f Add HTTPS entries for XSD into spring.schemas
7f41461 Fix new Sonar smell
e98e8c5 Sleep for failed declaration out of warn block
c1defb5 AbstractJackson2MessageConv.: assume supported CT
05ef5a9 Convert Class header values using getName()
5da725b Add filtered getter to Declarables
d86f356 Fix Method Complexity
6f80938 Upgrade to JUnit 5.5.0
638d104 Fix new Sonar smells
280c2b1 GH-1032: Fix typo in new interface name
5d73342 GH-1038: RT: More evaluateFastReplyTo Fixes
24c63e1 GH-1034: DMLC: Detect target channel changed
b4bd47b Fix Sonar issues
d1ebe22 GH-1032: Consumer Batching Phase 2 @RabbitListener
845a7e0 GH-1034: DMLC: Cancel consumer after failed ack
eb85078 GH-1038: RT: Fix evaluatedFastReplyTo
f9f6976 Fix Sonar Issue
731c5eb Fix unused imports in the AbstractMessageLC
3aed80f GH-1032: Add consumer-side batching support
c1e3179 Fix SmartLifecycle.stop(Runnable) usage
78d7c58 ACF: Reduce createBareConnection() complexity
6cf3211 GH-1029: Add option to randomize connection order
55af4a3 Add well-known arguments to Queue/Exchange Builder
dde7a37 GH-1026: Fix Delay with CacheMode.CONNECTION

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