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@garyrussell garyrussell released this Oct 1, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Change log:

34e423f GH-1085: spring-rabbit-junit -> spring-rabbit-test
2f632eb Upgrade Micrometer version
ba44cf1 Upgrade some dependencies
148dace Upgrade to Jackson 2.10
3851b19 Fix Sonar issue
ff03c53 GH-1101: Message Listener Micrometer Timers
dc88048 Upgrade dependencies (#1098)
e6929a0 GH-1093: Remove redundant isInterface() call
9c25d17 Fix race in test
9c1bdcd GH-1093: @RabbitListener fix abstract return type
af7c32f GH-1094: Add Deflater and Inflator PostProcessors
c746497 GH-1091: Fix DMLC with Routing Connection Factory
3f65fc0 GH-1087: RabbitTemplate: improvement debug logging
1a17848 Fix possibleAuthenticationFailureFatal
30d257b GH-1086: XML: Properly parse type attr
ccd177c Fix new Sonar smell: no CloneNotSupportedException
3fa278b Fix new Sonar smells

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