Latest commit 4d4b0ad Oct 20, 2016 @garyrussell garyrussell committed with artembilan AMQP-663: Fix Race in Container Test

The test is waiting for the consumer to be refreshed after deleting a queue by
inspecting the consumers map. There is a short period where the map is empty and
the test does not protect for that when iterating. Adding hasNext() won't help -
it will reduce the probability but won't eliminate it.

Catch the NoSuchElementException in the while loop and continue to wait.
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This project provides the RabbitMQ implementation for the abstractions in spring-amqp.

Many of the integration tests here require a running RabbitMQ server - they will be skipped if the broker is not detected.

If RabbitMQ is not installed on your system, refer to the instructions for your particular OS here: []

Start the server. For example, and a *nix-based system where RabbitMQ has been installed within /opt/rabbitmq, issue the following command:

> sudo /opt/rabbitmq/sbin/rabbitmq-server start