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+# Build and Release of Spring Batch Admin
+Should be relatively straightforward
+> **Requirements:**
+> * Java 6;
+> * Maven 2.2.1
+> * (Optional) Ant 1.7.1;
+> * If you are on Linux don't use Maven or Ant installed by root (file
+> permission issues with `mvn deploy` - download it and install
+> it as yourself).
+## Tagging
+Before a release, a tag needs to be created and a final sanity check done. To do this, a tag is created using Maven and version numbers updated.
+To save some time typing version labels, use this (replace version numbers as necessary):
+ $ mvn release:prepare -Dtag=X.X.X -DreleaseVersion=X.X.X -DdevelopmentVersion=X.X.X.BUILD-SNAPSHOT -DautoVersionSubmodules=true
+You will be asked to confirm the release version and the new development version. Typically moving from `X.X.X.BUILD-SNAPSHOT` to a named release means the release tag is `X.X.X.RELEASE` and the development version is `X.X.X+1.BUILD-SNAPSHOT`.
+## Building and publishing JAR artifacts
+In principle the publishing can be done by Maven release plugin:
+ $ mvn release:perform
+this will deploy to S3 by default.
+In practice we often need to tweak stuff and correct errors in the
+deployment, and for RELEASE versions we also need to publish to Maven
+To do an M\*, RC\* or RELEASE version you need to be in the tagged copy, so switch to the tag and create a branch
+ $ git branch -D release/latest
+ $ git checkout <version>
+ $ git checkout -b release/latest
+### Maven Deploy
+Maven can be used to publish the Maven Central artifacts to S3
+(e.g. in CI or a quick snapshot release to fix a bug for a user):
+ $ mvn -P upload,dist clean pre-site deploy
+There is a `milestone` profile for publishing a milestone and a
+`central` profile for publishing to Maven Central (via Sonatype).
+## Building and Publishing ZIP Artifacts
+The ZIP artifacts are built by Maven and published via an ant script.
+They were already deployed if you followed the steps above (deploy
+using the `upload` profile). Verify this (after site has time to
+refresh) by looking for the files in [the community download
+To deploy to a local staging for test purposes use this recipe:
+ $ mvn -P staging,upload,dist pre-site deploy
+## Building the Website
+ $ export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx512m
+ $ mvn pre-site site -P samples,release,dist
+ $ mvn site:deploy -P samples,dist,release
+The last step sends the result to the .org site. Use `mvn site:deploy
+-P samples,dist,staging` to test the result before you deploy for real
+(it puts it in target/staging).
+## Maven Central Deployment
+For a full release (not milestones) we also send artifacts to Maven
+Central via a pickup directory on Sonatypes OSS repository. So do
+ $ mvn -P central,dist -DskipTests deploy
+You need an account with Sonatype and some GPG setup (see
+[Sonatype][] for details). The account details need to be added to
+your `settings.xml`.
+If you make a mistake with the jars, you can re-deploy to the Sonatype
+staging area by doing the deploy command again, but once it is
+released they are in Maven Central and they never come out again.
6 src/site/apt/getting-started.apt
@@ -17,10 +17,12 @@ Getting Started with Spring Batch Admin
[[1]] Use the {{{}SpringSource Community Download}} page.
[[2]] Get the jars from S3 (browse to /
- with your favourite S3 tool or a service like {{{}the SpringSource s3browse app}}).
+ with your favourite S3 tool or a service like {{{}the Shrub app}}).
- [[2]] Check out the source code from
+ [[2]] Check out the source code from
+ Github also has .zip downloads of the repository from tagged
+ commits.
[[3]] Use Maven to download the artifacts by creating a pom with
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