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Previously, Spring Boot's modules published Gradle Module Metadata
(GMM) the declared a platform dependency on spring-boot-dependencies.
This provided versions for each module's own dependencies but also had
they unwanted side-effect of pulling in spring-boot-dependencies
constraints which would influence the version of other dependencies
declared in the same configuration. This was undesirable as users
should be able to opt in to this level of dependency management, either
by using the dependency management plugin or by using Gradle's built-in
support via a platform dependency on spring-boot-dependencies.

This commit reworks how Spring Boot's build uses
spring-boot-dependencies and spring-boot-parent to provide its own
dependency management. Configurations that aren't seen by consumers are
configured to extend a dependencyManagement configuration that has an
enforced platform dependency on spring-boot-parent. This enforces
spring-boot-parent's version constraints on Spring Boot's build without
making them visible to consumers. To ensure that the versions that
Spring Boot has been built against are visible to consumers, the
Maven publication that produces pom files and GMM for the published
modules is configured to use the resolved versions from the module's
runtime classpath.

Fixes gh-21911
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plugins {
id "org.springframework.boot.starter"
description = "Starter for building web, including RESTful, applications using Spring MVC. Uses Tomcat as the default embedded container"
dependencies {