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Spring Boot 2.0.0 M3 Release Notes

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Spring Boot 2.0.0 M3 Release Notes

For changes in earlier milestones, please refer to:

Upgrading from Spring Boot 2.0.0 M2

See instructions in the 2.0.0.M2 release notes for upgrading from v2.0.0.M1 and earlier.

Maven plugin properties

The plugin configuration attributes that are exposed as properties now all start with a spring-boot prefix for consistency and to avoid clashes with other plugins.

For instance, the following command enables the foo profile using the command line:

mvn spring-boot:run

Devtools Remote Debug Tunnel

The support for tunnelling remote debugging over HTTP has been removed from Devtools. (#9489)

New and Noteworthy

Check the configuration changelog for a complete overview of the changes in configuration.


Aligning with Tomcat and Undertow, Jetty will now compress responses to all requests, not just GET requests. (#8184)

Reactive server customisation

Customizers for Jetty, Tomcat, and Undertow are now called when configuring a reactive web server. (#9572)


Consumer- and producer-specific properties can now be configured via the environment. (#9775)

WebTestClient codecs

The codecs of the auto-configured WebTestClient are now customised in the same way as those of WebClient. (#9577)

Spring Session

The session repository filter’s order and dispatcher types can be be configured via the environment using the spring.session.servlet.filter-order and spring.session.servlet.filter-dispatcher-types properties respectively. (#8301)

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